Bartók DAC med Headphone Amplifier


Extremt spännande produkt från DCS. Nya Bartók är nu på plats för provlyssning. Streamer, DAC och hörlurssteg. Latest generation dCS Digital Processing Platform brings state-of-the-art signal processing and flexibility. dCS Ring DACTM fitted, as used in the flagship dCS Vivaldi digital playback system. Digital inputs support UPnP, asynchronous USB and Apple Airplay sources, plus AES and S/PDIF digital audio streams. Headphone […]

Golden Ear Award 2019 till T+A – DAC 8 DSD

golden Ear Award 640 300

Vi saxar från “The Absolute Sound” – Many digital audio experts maintain that it’s just not possible to optimize decoding of both PCM and DSD data streams with a one-lane architecture, even though there are plenty of DAC chips available that can handle both classes of files. With (at last count) 13 engineers on staff, […]