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  • Michell Engineering Gyro SE


    Michell Engineering Gyro SE

    Product: Michell Engineering Gyro SE Turntable
    Characteristics: Turntable with SME 309 tonearm and Dynavector 10×5 cartridge, Mitchell Engineering MH Power supply.
    Build quality: looks are stunning! A very unique design!
    Color: Silver, black, gold details
    Suited for: If you are looking for a complete turntable with carefully chosen components in the upper segment of turntables this would be something to look twice at!

  • DS Audio E1 Equalizer


    DS Audio E1 Equalizer

    Product: DS Audio E1 Equalizer. Phono amplifier for optical cartridges
    Characteristics: Fast, correct and neutral
    Build quality: The best!
    Color: Silver
    Suited for: You who want to step into new technology where classic vinyl problems have been overcome and the reproduction has become significantly better. Everything is still analog and mechanical. The DS Audio DS-E1 is the entry-level model.

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  • Harmonix TU-800 Tribute Million Maestro

    Harmonix TU-800 Tribute Million Maestro


    Harmonix TU-800 Tribute Million Maestro

    Product: Harmonix TU-800 Tribute Million Maestro, record matt.
    Characteristics: The reproduction sound is natural, smooth and crystal clear with rich details, the sound stage extend in full scale like a live performance and, furthermore, it bring to listeners full of feeling relieved in mind and body lingering that you can hardly stop.
    Build quality: Very high
    Color: Black with silver details
    Suited for: It is the world only Tuning Matte removing the distortion caused by turntable mechanism – and by cartridge during trucking over record grove. The effect is miraculously impressive, the sound that one have never ever yet experienced.

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  • Marantz

    Marantz TT15S1/N1M Turntable


    Marantz TT15S1/N1M Turntable

    Product: Marantz TT15S1/N1M Turntable
    Characteristics: Turntable from Marantz in the reference class! A very popular and appreciated vinyl player among enthusiasts. With great esthetics and performance.
    Build quality: Great
    Color: Translucid Matte acrylic
    Suited for: The Marantz TT-15S1 is a vinyl player in the heavier class and matches well with the Marantz premium range. A very nice and lavish record player that gives new life to your favorite LPs! Highly recommended!

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  • BMS MC Ruby 3H


    BMS MC Ruby 3H

    Product:  BMS MC Ruby 3H.
    Characteristics: MC cartridge
    Build quality: Swiss brilliance
    Color: Dark Wood
    Suited for: The one seartching for a high-quality MC cartridges often have excellent channel separation, ensuring a clear and accurate stereo image.

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  • The Funk Firm Gett!


    The Funk Firm Gett!

    Product: The Funk Firm Gett! Turntable
    Characteristics: natural bass, open midrange, complex soundstage, tonal realism
    Build quality: The Gett! turntable is designed to offer exceptional sound quality and performance. Great build quality!
    Color: Black
    Suited for: A great opportunity to skip the entry level and go straight to the next tier turntables!

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  • Clearaudio Performance DC

    Clearaudio Performance DC


    Clearaudio Performance DC

    Product: Clearaudio Performance DC
    Characteristics: Great recordplayer with cool estethics. Clarify tonearm and Vituoso V2 cartridge.
    Build quality: Very good
    Color: Black Aluminium
    Suited for: Anyone seeking a well built, well playing good to look at recordplayer.


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  • 32%
    Kondo Audio Note IO-M

    Kondo Audio Note IO-M MC Demo-Ex


    Kondo Audio Note IO-M MC Demo-Ex

    Product: Kondo Audio Note IO-M MC Cartridge
    Characteristics: Reproduce the beauty of silence, relaxed sound with exceptional presence.
    Build quality: Top Class
    Suited for: Turntables in the top tier.

    The following beyond full functionality applies for this product(s)

    • Only about 5 hours play time
    • In excellent condition.
    • Original price, 97900 SEK
  • Transrotor Zet 1


    Transrotor Zet 1

    Product: Highend record player
    Characteristics: Solid and detailed reproduction
    Build quality: Excellent
    Suited for: Someone looking for a high quality player with a standout design.
    Color: Matte White, Black, Chrome.
    Tonearm – Transrotor 800-S Silver.
    Phono + Power Supply – Transrotor MC 8.
    Stand – ZET Series Stand.


    The following beyond full functionality applies for this Transrotor Zet 1

    • In excellent condition
    • No box
    • Original price, app 126 000 Sek
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  • Vertere Mystic

    Vertere Mystic


    Vertere Mystic

    Skick (E). Kontakta gärna oss för mer information. Condition. (E) Please contact us for more information. M – Minor scratches or missing parts, etc G – Good condition E – Excellent condition Nypris aprox 27000 Sek

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