MBL 111 F


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Radialstrahler – Symphony of the senses

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Frequency range
24 Hz to 40,000Hz
4 Ohm
SPL sound pressure level
83 dB/W/m (2.83V/ 2pi)
linear max.
106 dB
Crossover frequencies
170 Hz, 750 Hz, 3500 Hz
Linkwitz-Riley, 4th order
Acoustic center
107 cm
Continuous power
320 W / 550 W
Peak power
2200 W
2x 220 mm, 8“ Alu
Double push-push
2x 150 mm
5“ Alu
Midrange high
Radial MT50, CFK (MBL)
Radial HT37 Al, CFK (MBL)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
450 x 1130 x 565 mm
H (incl. cover) = 1205 mm
18 x 44.5 (47.5) x 22“
60 kg, 132 lbs


Radialstrahler – Symphony of the senses

The history of MBL began with loudspeakers. They are one of our core competencies and have earned us worldwide recognition. Loudspeakers bring out the optimal quality of high-end systems.

They are the culmination of the chain’s capacity; they convert complex electronic signals into real, sensually perceptive physics – into the decisive sound that allows us to experience the abundance and richness of music in its most authentic form.

From the beginning we have counted on the concept of the Radialstrahler, and made continuous improvements. They radiate not only to the front, but – same as a musical instrument – circularly in all directions, thus creating a sound field that cannot be reached by conventional loudspeakers.

With this revolutionary and worldwide unique design, it is impossible to distinguish the reproduction from a live performance; it comes amazingly close to the experience in a concert hall.

In the same radical manner as technology, the design of the Radialstrahler severs its ties with the conventional shape of loudspeakers. Though subject to stringent function requirements, the avant-garde design brings timeless elegance to your listening space by using precious materials in compact, perfect workmanship.

To match your other high-end MBL devices, you can choose from surfaces that are available in various colors, with gold or chrome applications, and the arctic silver design.

mbl 111 F Hybrid

Regardless of the type of music you prefer – our patented radial-beam principle is the guarantee for your total listening pleasure. The sound waves are radiated spherically, thus creating a natural three-dimensional acoustic pattern.

The mbl 111 F gets its hybrid character from the use of complex pressure-chamber technology in the woofer range, which gives it an enormous bass foundation and two force-balanced chassis in the lower mid-range, which provide for virtually unlimited dynamics and impressive impact.

Thanks to radial-beam technology in the mid-range speaker and tweeter, the sound of your music remains enjoyably airy and light. Even the finest nuances are reproduced with ease. The interplay between these individual elements gives this speaker sound with a purity and beauty that will impress you right from the very start.

Another technological sensation is the patent-pending “crystallizer”. This system is unique in the hi-fi range: you will experience music with more definition and less distortion than ever before. The unadorned silhouette inspired by the Bauhaus style can be elegantly integrated into virtually any home environment. And the form also makes a considerable contribution to optimizing the sound quality.
In this way, the mbl 111 F satisfies your desire for exquisite sound quality as well as for good looks that reflect classical understatement.

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Vikt 90 kg

White, Black, Silver


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