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Wilson Center 3

Reproducing the emotional impact of live music through two-channel reproduction has been the organizing passion of Wilson Audio since its inception over four decades ago. Applying the same experience and expertise to multi-channel theater systems was simply the natural extension of that passion.

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Wilson Mezzo

The Mezzo was formulated and engineered with a specific function in mind: a loudspeaker endowed with a nearly identical sonic signature to Wilson’s Sasha W/P©, but in a low-profile package.

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Wilson Polaris

Polaris is a low-profile flagship speaker designed to solve architectural challenges such as where a tall loudspeaker would obstruct a window view or intersect a wall-to-wall theater screen. Whether it is employed as a reference-quality center channel, or as a low-profile music system, Polaris is engineered to achieve the same levels of performance as Wilson Audio’s flagship loudspeakers.

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