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  • Simaudio Moon W-5 Power Amp

    Simaudio Moon W-5 Power Amp

    Product: Simaudio Moon W-5 Power Amplifier
    Characteristics: The Moon W-5 is a class-AB, no-overall-feedback design. Dual mono in configuration, it is a rather large amplifier with its 30kg
    Build quality: Very solid construction.
    Color: Black
    Suited for: Power and authority aplenty; bass that’s very deep and tight and displays a great amount of slam!

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  • USHER CP-6371+USHER X-616 Center

    USHER CP-6371+USHER X-616 Center

    Product: USHER CP-6371+Usher X-616 Center
    : Usher Audio is known for its dedication to sound quality. The CP-6371 delivers a balanced and detailed sound signature, suitable for critical listening and immersive audio experiences.
    Build quality: Great
    Color: Black with wood details
    Suited for: A fantastic opportunity to get a great pair of speakers AND center for a very low price!!!

    ** Either pick up or shipping cost added separately
    ** Fynd!

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  • DS Audio 003 Optical Pick Up And EQ

    DS Audio 003 Optical Pick Up And EQ

    Product:DS Audio 003 Optical Pick Up And EQ with optical signal transmission. Analog!
    : Fast, accurate, neutral, high definition, realistic.
    Build quality:Very high.
    Color: Silver
    Suited for: Those who want to take the step into new technology where classic vinyl problems have been overcome and the reproduction has become significantly better. Everything is still analog and mechanical. DS Audio DS-003 has inherited technology from Grandmaster. Top class!

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  • Devialet Expert 220 Pro

    Devialet Expert 220 PRO

    Devialet Expert 220 PRO

    Product: Devialet Expert 220 Pro. Integrated amplifier
    Characteristics: Devialet is known for its proprietary hybrid amplification technology that combines Class A and Class D amplification for efficient power delivery and high-quality sound.
    Build quality: A superb built quality, minimalistic unit
    Color: Chrome
    Suited for: The Expert 220 Pro serves as an all-in-one solution, combining a preamplifier, amplifier, and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in a single unit.

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  • dCS Puccini U Clock

    dCS Puccini U Clock

    Product: dCS Puccini U Clock Clock
    : The Puccini U Clock utilizes advanced clocking technology, including precision crystal oscillators and sophisticated circuitry, to generate an ultra-stable and low-jitter clock signal. This ensures that digital audio signals processed by connected equipment are accurately timed and synchronized, resulting in improved clarity, detail, and dynamics in the audio playback.
    Build quality: Fantastic
    Color: Black
    Suited for: The Puccini U Clock is an external clock designed to improve the performance of digital audio systems by providing an ultra-stable and precise timing reference. In digital audio systems, accurate clocking is crucial for minimizing jitter (timing variations) and ensuring optimal signal integrity, resulting in improved audio quality.

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  • Devialet Expert PRO 250

    Devialet Expert PRO 250

    Devialet Expert PRO 250

    Product: Devialet Expert PRO 250 Integrated Amplifier
    Characteristics: Integrated streaming. DAC and phono.
    Build quality: Very high
    Color: Dark Chrome
    Suited for: If you are looking for a beautiful amplifier that includes all the necessary features like streaming and phono stage.
    A great integrated amplifier that you can add another Devialet Expert PRO 250 for dual mono configuration and 1000watts

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  • Oppo udp 205

    Oppo udp 205

    Product: Oppo udp 205
    : DVD / Blu-ray
    Build quality: Fantastic
    Color: Black
    Suited for: The UDP-205 is designed to play a wide range of disc formats, including Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, SACD, and CD. This versatility allows users to enjoy their entire collection of physical media with exceptional audio and video quality.

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  • Audioquest Vodka 0,75m Toslink

    Audioquest Vodka 0,75m Toslink

    Product: Audioquest Vodka 0,75m Toslink
    : Toslink to Toslink. optical cable
    Build quality: Great
    Color: Blue/Black
    Suited for: Very advanced optical cable for facilities in the really heavy quality class.

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  • Audioquest Husky 3m RCA Sub cable+AudioQuest 72v DBS Pack, Dielectric Bias System

    Audioquest Husky 3m RCA Sub cable+AudioQuest 72v DBS Pack, Dielectric Bias System

    Product: Audioquest Husky 2m RCA Sub cable+AudioQuest 72v DBS Pack, Dielectric Bias System
    : RCA,
    Build quality: Great
    Color:  Blue/Black
    Suited for: Exclusive subwoofer cable for truly audiophile stereo and home theater systems

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  • Chord Company Signature Reference 2,5m

    Chord Company Signature Reference 2,5m

    Product: Chord Company Signature Reference Speaker Cable
    Characteristics: Dynamic reach, instrumental separation, clarity
    Build quality: Fantastic
    Color: Black/Grey
    Suited for: The Signature Reference cable is crafted using high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques. The Chord Company is known for its meticulous attention to detail in cable design, ensuring optimal signal transfer and durability.

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  • Breuer

    Breuer Type 8 MK II

    Breuer Type 8 MK II

    Product: Breuer Type 8 MK II Tonearm
    Characteristics: Fast, correct and neutral. Very detailed sound.
    Build quality: A masterpiece!
    Color: Black
    Suited for: A unique tonearm, handycraft at its best. Will last you a lifetime with “hard to beat performance”.

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  • Harmonix TU-812MX Million Maestro Record Clamp

    Harmonix TU-812MX Million Maestro Record Clamp

    Harmonix TU-812MX Million Maestro Record Clamp

    Product: Harmonix TU-812MX Million Maestro Record Clamp
    Characteristics: The new TU-812MX record clamp lends solidity to much expanded soundstage, making it not only an extremely worthwhile contribution to the potential of any analog record,
    Build quality: Top Tier
    Color: Silver metal with wood
    Suited for: Tip tier turntables. If you only wants the best!

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