Vivid Audio Kaya 45


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Type: 3-way, four-driver, floorstanding speaker with glass reinforced sandwich composite cabinet
Driver complement: One 26mm catenary dome aluminium tweeter; one 100mm catenary dome midrange driver; two 125mm aluminium bass drivers
Crossover frequencies: 300Hz, 3kHz
Frequency response: 37Hz–25kHz (-6dB)
Impedance: 6 Ohm (2.8 Ohm min.)
Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m
Dimensions (H×W×D):
1153 ×298 ×385mm
Weight: 25kg/each
Finishes: Finishes: Matte Oyster, Pearl White, Piano Black
Manufacturer: Vivid Audio

The KAYA 45 is designed for everyday spaces, as well as dedicated listening rooms; to be part of the room, not necessarily its principal feature. Wherever you choose to locate it, KAYA 45 draws you deep into the performance with its focused, natural sound, and reveals your favourite music in the kind of detail you never imagined possible.

New look. Same sound.
One of the defining characters of our loudspeakers is the incredible clarity and articulation in the bass. Gone is the muddiness, the blurring of the notes: all is perfectly separate and distinct. And that matters. After all, as Debussy (may have) said: music is the spaces between the notes.

That clarity is the result of our patented absorber horn, which eliminates resonances and coloration. In the GIYA series, it curves over the top of the enclosure, creating that unmistakeable outline. It’s still present, for the same reasons, in the KAYA 45, but folded back on itself, so it fits neatly inside. So you can enjoy the same extraordinary sound, from a loudspeaker that’s also easy on the eye.

An attractive development
The KAYA 45 is a direct descendant of our GIYA loudspeakers, and shares much of the same technology. This includes our Super Flux Magnets in the driver units. These radial magnets, still very unusual in commercial loudspeakers, naturally have a large hole in the centre, which allows the sound to flow naturally from the diaphragm into the absorber, free from resonances and reflections.

On GIYA models, we use these magnets in the bass drivers: for KAYA, we’ve fitted them to the mind-range driver, too. Here, they reduce distortion and improve performance in the higher frequencies. And prove that you really can make a good thing even better.

Form follows function
KAYA 45 can easily fill the largest room with sound. Compared to the four-way GIYA, it produces a slightly more directional sound field; this is largely a function of being a three-way loudspeaker, with the tweeter sound projected forwards rather than sideways. As a consequence, the sound is more focused, lending itself to more concentrated listening it’s also absolutely brilliant for home theatre, where the precise positioning of the sound source is a central element of the overall experience.

An accessible package that brings your favourite music compellingly to life
KAYA loudspeakers could only be made by Vivid Audio. Those curvaceous profiles. The patented technology. Above all, that astonishing sound quality, free from all resonance and coloration, that opens the window wide on the performance. And of course, they’re completely revolutionary, in their own understated way. Smooth, clean lines, and a detailed, focused sound that draws you in, holds your attention. Easy to live with. Truly life-enhancing.

Accessible and extraordinary
The KAYA range is the authentic Vivid Audio listening experience, made more accessible. These three and two-way loudspeakers take all our patented technology and package it in sleek, compact enclosures: perfect for rooms where the sound system is part of the space, rather than the main feature, and great for home theatre.

The position of the tweeter and mid-range driver gives KAYA speakers a more directional sound, taking you deeper into the performance. And once you’re in there, you can revel in every detail, and the seamless, uncluttered sound field created by our unique engineering-led approach.

The designers
In developing the Kaya range Vivid Audio drew on the experience and creativity of Industrial designers Matt Longbottom and Christoph Hermann. For them, Kaya has been a perfect Design challenge – create a design language that builds upon Vivid Audio’s core philosophy of using sound to inform design – but can remain calm and approachable throughout the diverse family of products.

Much of Matt Longbottom’s work has been influenced by the use of surface modelling techniques to bring beauty and detail into industrially manufactured products. This speaker series draws from his experience in furniture design where human contact with design is at its most natural.

In addition Christoph Hermann demonstrated his expertise in generative design to optimise the speaker grilles by reducing material obstruction to an absolute minimum. Together they created this beautifully sculpted, digitally informed yet highly engineered speaker series.


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Matte Oyster, Pearl White, Piano Black, Custom


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