Trinnov 3D Microphone

The measurement microphone is one of the most critical components of a loudspeaker/room calibration system. Trinnov’s sophisticated algorithms not only rely on very accurate acoustic measurements but also on the ability to localize speakers positions and to detect early reflection provenance.

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Trinnov’s 3D measurement microphone is the result of our extensive research in 3D sound. We invested a significant amount of time in order to design a tailored measurement system that could gather very precise information regarding spatial position of the sources. This is called triangulation. Each of the 4 omnidirectionnal capsules are placed at the exact same distance from each other, forming a tetrahedric pattern. This allows us to localize each speaker’s placement on both horizontal and vertical planes.

To achieve this challenge, the microphone consists of 4 capsules mounted at the top of thin brass tubes to avoid diffraction.
The capsules form a tetrahedron figure, ideal to identify distance, azimuth and elevation altogether.
To optimize spatial accuracy, all the capsules responses are analyzed and compared recursively to find the best possible matches of 4 and reach a spatial resolution below +/-2° in every direction.

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