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The Grand Open is suitable for medium and large listening rooms, from 30-60m2. They own the flexibility to perform a wide range of music genres as they can convey the depth and sweetness in love songs, the warm rich voices of vocalists, and also the majestic sounds of heavy instruments such as drums or orchestra instruments. Those elements are often found in sophisticated symphonies, heavy bass pieces, and complex parts in classical choral performances.

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High Frequency TransducerOne Horn tweeter
Midrange TransducerOne Midrange 10”
Low Frequency TransducersOne 18″ Woofer controlled
Controlled Bass Amplification400W Class AB
CBA Power Requirements220V (possible to set 100/110/117/240v/ 50-60Hz by different markets)
InputsSpeaker 2-way binding posts
Sensitivity98dB 1 watt 1 meter
Input Impedance8 ohms (nominal)
Frequency response25Hz to 20kHz, +/- 3dB
Tube Amp suggestion10 – 40W per channel
Solid State Amp suggestion25 – 100W
Dimensions  (W x D x H/block)60cm x  40cm x 130cm
System Total Weight (kg/system)105  (including two speaker blocks and one separate controlled bass amplifier)

Läs mer om Thivan grand Open

Grand Open is a high-end commercial loudspeaker manufactured by ThivanLabs. Thanks to the company’s years of experience in the field of loudspeaker manufacturing and designing, especially for open baffle ones, Grand Open is a breakthrough in controlling and performing high quality audio. This pair of loudspeakers is easy to coordinate with all ThivanLabs’ amplifiers as well as any other amplifiers available on the market.

The advantage of these Open speakers is to reproduce very natural and life-like sound, close to that we often hear in reality, without exaggeration, especially in the context of an open spacious stage. This is also why we chose these Open speakers to develop our high-end product line. Following the Open 100, Grand Open appears as an even more premium choice for the most difficult listeners.

Grand Open is a synthesis and refinement of successful research results regarding technique and design perfection, which has been achieved by ThivanLabs for over 15 years in the business. Such results come not only from our research process but also a lot from our visits to audio equipment fairs, experiencing real products, and testing with specialized equipment with exact specifications.

The Grand Open uses British drivers, consisting of three drivers on each side. We continue to exploit paper drivers’ advantages for the middle and bass sections, which is an optimal solution to reproduce thick and velvety, yet authentic sound. For the Grand Open, the combination of its drivers and design were tested and refined to create a harmonious synchronization between high, mid and low sound bands in order to create rich, detailed, and rhythmic sound.

The 10-inch midrange speaker is free from any crossover components to fully convey the sound nature. The high and super high range is supported by a treble speaker with a horn throat design for best sound spreading effect. This allows the loudspeaker to express sophisticated and high-pitched sound in love songs, string instrument performance, etc. The 18-inch Bass Speaker is controlled by a 400W Class AB power amplifier that creates deep and powerful bass.

A complete set of the Grand Open high-end loudspeakers includes: a pair of Grand Open loudspeakers and a separate amplifier to control bass range. Users can adjust the bass speaker’s volume according to their interests. Therefore, choosing an amplifier to pair with these speakers for mid and high range becomes simple and easy, as long as its capacity is within 15-40W. The speakers’ sensitivity is up to 98 dB, and they thus can work with any amplifiers available on the market. The setting up is also easier as a result. When setting them up in a room, users only need to adjust the high range. Next, the bass section will be accordingly adjusted, increased or decreased to reach sound balance, which helps simplify the whole setting up process.

The Grand Open is suitable for medium and large listening rooms, from 30-60m2. They own the flexibility to perform a wide range of music genres as they can convey the depth and sweetness in love songs, the warm rich voices of vocalists, and also the majestic sounds of heavy instruments such as drums or orchestra instruments. Those elements are often found in sophisticated symphonies, heavy bass pieces, and complex parts in classical choral performances.

Was it to be set up with a tube amplifier, it will bring out more natural life-like sound which is smooth, soothing, sweet, and warm, often found in lyrical music, Bolero, orchestral, and folk music; the details and sophistication of each instrument such as guitar, piano; and majestic sound with fast and strong rhythms.

The Grand open in a customer’s room

Room area: 6x10m2

The whole sound system uses only ThivanLabs’ devices from loudspeakers and tube amplifiers to preamplifier lights and DAC lights.

Devices to set with Grand Open:

– 811 Monoblock Mark IV amplifier – Special Edition

– Pre X9 MM / MC RIAA Phono

– DAC Tube Music Processor

The Grand Open is designed with solid internal baffles and anti-vibration by four ThivanLabs’ special speaker stands. These technical features have brought a pure and most detailed background, elaborating stable and sophisticated sound. The material for enclosures is selected by experts in the field of industrial speaker manufacturing and the enclosures are packed by professional manufacturers.

Another favorable characteristic of the Open speakers is that there is no resonance in their enclosures; as a result, humming or dragging sound which often appears in enclosure loudspeakers is limited. The bass will be neat, definite, clear, distinctive and “real”, not overdone. Fast bass will be expressed quickly while slow one expressed slowly, not otherwise become forcefully expressed. These loudspeakers transmit sound as it would be heard from original instruments. Therefore, the overall sound reproduced by the Open speaker is usually natural, ear soothing and not draining over time. Thanks to this feature, sound unaffected or altered by objective factors such as enclosure resonance, the Open-speakers are relatively easy to set up. Additionally, they are flexible to be placed in any space such as living rooms or home entertainment rooms, no specialized audio rooms are required.

The optimal set-up solution for the Grand Open is far-field. To achieve best performance, the speakers should put away from the wall about 1/3 of the room with the distance between each speaker’s center from 2.2m-3.2m. Depending on the set-up and specific space of placement, different widths of “sweet spot” can be achieved, instead of one single result. The whole family can chill out to enjoy music and watch movies with vibrant sound right at home in their living rooms or home entertainment rooms. Thanks to the natural sound quality of the bass, listeners are comfortable sitting near the speakers, and they will not have to experience chest pain listening to strong bass. The Open speakers reproduce natural expanding sound which is similar to that of “LIVE” performances.

The Grand Open features dust-proof ecrans for the front drivers, which are beautifully designed and easily removable, hold tight onto the drivers’ surface thanks to magnets. The back is also covered with a net cap not only for an aesthetic look but also for dust and insects prevention to protect the drivers and internal specifications without affecting the sound quality emitted.

To ensure our products’ authenticity for warranty, they are not covered once the net caps have been removed. To clean the ecrans and back net caps, an air vacuum should be used. The enclosure can be wiped with a soft dry cloth, never with a wet cloth which can reduce the quality of the speakers’ surface. The speaker stand is usually disassembled during transportation. For assembling, the legs should be placed snugly into the speakers’ four bottom corners. Each leg will be screwed into place by two hexagon screws, packed with the loudspeaker.


The Grand Open comes with a 3-year warranty period for technical problems. In case a warranty need arises, customers should contact the manufacturer for best support. Avoid arbitrary and improper interference to preserve products’ overall quality, in terms of sound and appearance, and warranty period for customers.

Om Thivan Labs

Starting from DIY (do it yourself) passion, two engineers Thi Hoang Nguyen and Van Anh Nguyen, who graduated from the Electric and Electronic Faculty of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technologies, found Thivanlabs in 2008.

Thivanlabs’s tube amplifiers are designed and made to focus on the sophistication and high fidelity of sound as well as invested on designing the appearance of products. Therefore, all of products which have been made by Thivanlabs achieve both good specifications and attractive sweet sound as well as an elegant appearance.

Up to the present time, Thivanlabs’s tube amplifiers and some loudspeakers have appeared in many regions over the country and in the world. Over 50 kinds of products have been made with high diversity from high class product line to affordable ones meeting customer’s limited budget. Our products include power amplifier, intergrated amplifier, preamplifier, headphone amplifier, phono, DAC, kit and loudspeaker etc.

Basing on a group of professional electric engineers and industrial designers trained domestically and abroad, Thivanlabs has built up a very strong team that is always ready to satisfy all of customers’ demand with criteria of doing fast, making durable, beautiful aswell as creating attractive and impressive sound.

Thivanlabs has continually improved services for customerin packaging, delivering and guaranteeing etc. Our products have got lifetime warranty and the guarantee is free in the first year of using.


Thivan Labs


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