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Multi source player, är exakt vad det är. Spela din musik via den källa du änskar, både streaming, radio och CD finns i samma enhet.

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CD/DA, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-text
Frequency response and dynamic range
2 Hz – 20 kHz / 100 dB
Streaming Client

Formats / Standards
Data rates
PCM 32 … 192 kHz, 16/24 Bit; MP3 bis 320 kBit
Supported media servers
UPnP 1.1, UPnP AV and DLNA kompatible Server, Microsoft Windows Media
Connect Server WMDRM10, DLNA compatible servers
Tidal, Deezer, qobuz, (subscription required) Roon Ready (in preparation)

Auto Network Config., Internet Radio Station database (automatic updates)
LAN: Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T,
WLAN: 2,4 GHz,+20 dBm (100 mW), IEEE 02.11 b/g/n
2 x USB 2.0 Master mode
Tuner FM

Frequency range
FM Radio 87,5 – 108 MHz (Europe / US); 76 – 90 MHz (Japanese version)
Mono (26dB S/N) 0,9 µV, Stereo (46 dB S/N) 40 µV
Overload margin
103 dB µV
Stereo channel separation
RDS Functions
Stationname, Radio text
Tuner DAB

Reception standard
Freqency band
168 – 240 MHz (Band III)
Overload margin
103 dB µV
Sensitivity (BER = 10 – 4)
2,5 µV

Supported audio formats
aptX HD™, MP3, AAC, SBC
Freqency band
2,4 GHz: 2042Mhz … 2480Mhz Max. transmission power <10 dBm (EIRP)
RC protocol

SP/DIF (16-24bit): 2x coax (192kHz), 1x TOS-Link (96kHz)

Digital output coax (IEC 60958), SYS-LINK and USB-SYS output
Mains / Accessories / Dimensions

Mains in
200 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 25 Watts
Normal operation (max.)
25 W
Standby (ECO)
< 0,50 W
Automatic power down
After 90 Minutues without music signal
10 × 32 × 34 cm, 4 x 12.6 x 13.4 inch
Remote control handset FM200, Mains cord, USB-SYS-cable and RJ-45 SYS-Link-cable for connection of a DAC 200 or HA 200, WLAN and Bluetooth antenna
4,4 kg, 9.7 lbs
Alu silver anodized (43), Alu schwarz anodized (42)
Technical modifications reserved

About The 200 Series

Series 200
The Series 200 represents a modern interpretation of our legendary MiDi systems. Starting with the iconic M-system in the 1990’s, and most recently continued by the Series 8, all of these systems have combined and continue to combine superb audiophile performance with an ultra-compact design of timeless elegance. The MP 200, A 200, DAC 200 and HA 200 embody our experience in each individual area, and make it accessible to compact systems in particular.

Design Principles
The Series 200 was developed with the goal of closing the supposed gulf between high-grade specialised individual devices – ‘separates’ – and a combined system for relaxed listening. And that’s why the Series 200 consists of four units. The DAC 200 and HA 200 reference converter and pre-amplifier convert digital data into analogue signals, and constitute the heart of their system configurations: the DAC 200’s outstanding pre-amplifier and output stages make it the ideal core of a classic HiFi system with loudspeakers, whereas the HA 200 takes on a similar role in an audiophile headphone system. Thanks to its Modular High-End Architecture (MHA) the MP 200 operates as a universal unit capable of delivering all modern music sources, from DAB radio to streaming. The A 200 output stage, generating 250 Watts power per channel into 4 Ohms, provides incredible performance with superb linearity and outstanding measured values. Thanks to the advanced technologies employed, the A 200 is able to exploit its full performance regardless of load, i.e. independently of the loudspeakers to which it is connected.

Although all the Series 200 devices offer outstanding levels of performance individually, the aim of their development was to make them even better when used together in a system. The integral T+A Link System has been fine-tuned to meet the specific requirements of the Series 200, with the result that every device is as universal as possible, as well as keeping interference signals completely separate from the analogue signal path: this ensures that the music remains just as clear and precise as it was when the artiste performed it.

External Design
Like every T+A device, the Series 200 units were designed on the basis of our unified philosophy of “timeless reduction”. This principle endows all the equipment we produce with a shared visual DNA, without obscuring their individual qualities. For more than twenty years now this philosophy – with a few exceptions – has been the beginning and end of each design process: a clearly delineated double chamfer on the front panel, reminiscent of the iconic M-systems of the 1990’s, giving the devices a unique charisma. Precisely positioned lines and style accents give the illusion that the Series 200 devices are smaller than they actually are. Cooling fins and VU meters are an unmistakable indication of the units’ potential performance – even when the equipment is switched off.

About the new mp 200

The MP 200
The MP 200 was developed with the design requirement of combining compact dimensions with a wide range of sources. From Bluetooth and CD to the very latest streaming and radio reproduction, the unit is able to exploit all sources to their fullest potential. The MP 200 can handle not only FM, FM-HD and DAB+ reproduction, it also offers equally convenient streaming from mobile devices and local network memory devices. External digital sources benefit equally from its outstanding signal processing capabilities.
Although the MP 200 works with any D/A converter, its overall design was developed to provide a special synergy when used with the Series 200 converters – the DAC 200 and HA 200: the T+A SYS Link exchanges control data, routes audio signals along the optimum path, and allows the MP 200 to become the command centre of a complete system when the T+A MusicNavigator app is used.

Radio & CD
In addition to Internet radio access, which is an integral part of the MP 200’s streaming client, the device provides three additional forms of radio access: FM, FM-HD and DAB+. The unit’s high sensitivity to incoming signals is in part responsible for its superlative sound quality, but the digital intermediate frequency, demodulation and stereo decoder output stages employed also play an important role. It is only the intelligent combination of all these qualities which makes the most classical of all signal sources sound so outstanding, whether using cable or an aerial.

Although digital streaming content has now gained a dominant position in the audio world, we continue to work constantly on further developing our CD mechanisms: this is the only way we can maintain a position where we can give our customers the unrestricted freedom to select their preferred music sources. The size of the MP 200’s integral slot mechanism was developed specifically to suit the space available in the MP 200, where it fits seamlessly into the case. With its short access times and excellent error correction system – the result of further development – it plays back disc content with virtually zero delay once the CD is inserted, and operates completely without reproduction errors.

Digital Inputs
The MP 200’s digital connecting board features two digital S/P DIF inputs and one optical input, which enable any external source to be connected – including set-top boxes, disc drives and memory devices. A supplementary S/P DIF output is also available. Signal transfer and processing are carried out at HD-quality.

Control System
The App control system provides full control of every aspect of the MP 200, including access to streaming services and radio stations, as well as adjusting the smallest details of each device connected to the system. The MP 200 and the T+A MusicNavigator App – developed here in Herford – deliver a convenient and complete method of control using any iOS or Android device.
The front panels of the Series 200 devices were designed to be ergonomically efficient, with an intelligent combination of direct-access buttons and a jog dial (rotary push-dial).

Streaming Client & Bluetooth
Our streaming client was developed in-house, and forms one of the links between the MP 200 and the outside world. This network circuit, designed with audiophile criteria in mind, processes incoming WLAN, LAN and USB Master-Mode signals, thereby providing access to high-quality streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer. For local applications the streaming client is able to stream audio data up to a quality of 192/24 (HD).
In contrast to standard computer-based solutions, which are typical in the audio industry, our streaming client is an in-house development from the ground up, and for this reason is completely free of quality losses, as often occurs due to high-frequency interference.
In addition to exceptionally high reproduction quality, the outstanding feature of the streaming client is its convenience of operation: all streaming services and Internet radio stations are managed by the free Airable service, which carries out the system administration in the background.
Thanks to the aptX HD™ technology employed in the MP 200, mobile data transmission no longer represents a barrier to high sound quality: in spite of the limited bandwidth of Bluetooth, the system can even cope with uncompressed Flac files.



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