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Sonus Faber Serafino Homage G2

Produkttyp: Sonus Faber Serafino Homage G2, golvstående 3,5 vägshögtalare
Karaktär: Femte generationens mästerverk. Rik känslomässig musikalisk upplevelse.
Byggkvalitet: Serien hedrar genialiteten hos de begåvade skaparna av musikinstrument och luttillverkningstraditionen med sina rötter i Cremona, Italien.
Färg: Välj mellan Röd, Grafit och Wengé
Passar för: För dig som söker en högtalare som verkligen fångar musiken. Otroligt välarbetad och genomtänkt! En investering i välljud för många år framöver. En höjdpunkt i SF’s produktion.


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Brands: Sonus Faber

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Sonus faber Homage continues Italy’s centuries-long history of music innovation. Taking note from master artisans throughout the centuries - Andrea Amati, Santo Serafino, and Giuseppe Guarneri - Homage honors music heritage through an unmatched combination of sound quality and design.

Cutting-edge technology defines the latest generation of Homage. Each upgrade elevates the sonic power of Homage, while maintaining pristine musical detail. The result is transformative, three-dimensional sound, replicating the sensation of a live performance inside any space.

Stunning design is a cornerstone of the Homage series. The newest generation marries old-world artisanship with contemporary elegance. Homage’s iconic wood lute-shaped cabinets are now available in three stunning finishes: Graphite, Wengè and Red.

“The most complex, but also exciting moment for a designer is when he is called upon to improve a timeless icon,” said Chief of Design Livio Cucuzza. “How do you innovate a product whose image is immune to the passage of time and the changing fashion trends? The only way is to take a step back, reflect and deeply understand why that product was initially created. I faced this challenge straight on with my team at Sonus faber. The third generation of Homage was the first product I worked on, and the latest launch we are unveiling is the fifth - the most evolved, the most mature, but equally authentic and special. A story that repeats itself, crossing the evolutionary path in different stages of my own life, never ceasing to fascinate me and make me proud to be part of it.“ Livio Cucuzza – Chief Design Officer

Each Homage speaker is built by dedicated Sonus faber artisans in our factory in Vicenza, Italy.

In eighteenth century Venice, Santo Serafino masterfully built violins with matching beauty and sound. In keeping with his legacy, the second generation of the Sonus faber Serafino speakers marries artistry and sonic excellence. Enhanced technology creates the sensation of a live performance, delivering pristine and powerful sound.


The Amati, Serafino An VOX models contain a major new innovation for the collection: InTono. Thanks to the interna cabinet´s special structure, which reduces the acoustic pressure generated within a given frequency range, these new loudspeakers always produce midrange frequencies free of any coloration.

Discovered though computer simulation, the new phase plug is another new innovation which optimizes the air movement of the driver to reduce turbulence while guiding soundwaves to reinforce their propagation into a more consistent wave pattern at listening distances. The result is a smoother frequency response with higher levels of clarity both on and off axis.

A standard soft dome tweeter´s apex anti phase behaviour is responsible for early high-frequency roll-off. The D.A.D. tweeter ensures better high-frequency reproduction by dampening the apex of the silk soft dome tweeter, avoiding anti-phase behaviour.

Functioning as the exponential section of the duct and thanks to its design, stealth ultraflex improves the aerodynamic flow of the air stream emitted by the reflex ducts and is an integral part of the system.
The extruded aluminium parts give further structural rigidity to the cabinet and now come in a beautiful deep grey brushed aluminium finish.

Phase coherent crossover is designed to deliver immersive, three dimensional sound throughout the room.
The hand soldered hi-end custom spec capacitors and inductors create sonic clarity while handling high power levels and lowering noice floor.

Nine layers of natural wood are combines according to the grain and finished with nine coats of beautiful lacquer. Them, multiple steps of sanding and brushing by hand ensure every sonus faber speaker is a joy to behold.
In Keeping with the ethos of Homage, Serafino generation 2 marries state-of-the-art technology with visual artistry in three stunning finishes Graphite, Wengé and red.

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Red, Graphite, Wenge


3.5 way
Midrange sealed box with Intono
Woofers vented box “Stealth Ultraflex” system

Tw: DAD Arrow Point, Ø 28 mm
Md: Neodymium Magnet System, Ø 150 mm
Wfs: 2 x Ø 180 mm

200Hz – 250Hz – 2.400Hz

30 Hz – 35.000 Hz

90 dB SPL (2.83V/1 m)

4 ohm

50W – 300W

1091 x 396 x 485 mm
43 x 15.6 x 19 in

48,5 Kg ea – net weight
106.9 lb ea – net weight

1 Photo book
1 Manual
1 Waranty extention card
1 Cleaning Kit
1 Wire tensioner
4 Feet
4 Spike shoe
1 Bag with 8 screws


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