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Popori W360

Produkt: Popori W360, Elektrostatiska högtalare, 1 vägs
: Blixtsnabb, högupplöst realistisk återgivning
Byggkvalitet: Förstklassig
Färg: Kanter i rött/svart/vitt
Passar för: För dig som är intresserade av att nå längre in i musiken, att genom förstklassig teknik höra det som annars går förlorat i traditionella lösningar.


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Popori W360

The structural elements of our speakers are made of solid surface material. This is the ideal material for shaping the speaker’s body, both in terms of acoustics and statics.

The base is made of CNC machined solid steel legs and a 6mm thick laser-cut steel sheet. Its weight of 18 kg ensures adequate stability and center of balance. The panels are fixed with screws, eliminating the disadvantages of gluing used in other electrostatic speakers. Gluing can cause deterioration or even loss of sound quality and performance over time.

The membrane material is UV-resistant, moderately heat-resistant, and not affected by humidity, which ensure enduring and reliable long-term operation. This membrane weighs much less than the membrane of speakers made with other technologies on the market. Thanks to the push-pull electrostatic operating principle, its efficiency is extraordinary. Properly tuned and attenuated construction guarantees low distortion of the emitted sound, which in turn allows for ultimate sound reproduction.

Popori speakers are built with precision using modern string technology, a prerequisite for creating the ultimate in sound. The distance between the membrane and the stator is crucial for to performance. Inaccuracy is unacceptable. Stretched strings and foil allow for flawless alignment, and meticulous CNC machining guarantees perfectly parallel surfaces. This creates the ideal static field, which in turn ensures uncompromised sonic performance at all points on the panel.

Our story began in 1996, when Hungarian engineer Otto Popori began repairing electrostatic speakers., Since then, he has breathed new life into dozens of pieces.

Mr. Popori recognized the common problems and limitations of electrostatic speakers, such as limited bandwidth, large power requirements, and unreliability. Based on his now vast experience, he set out to design an electrostatic speaker that eliminated these problems and in 2001 he created his first custom-built speakers.

Then he met the industrial designer Gabor Marko and his father, Istvan Marko a wonderful craftsman. Their shared love of music and their mutual pursuit of perfection called for a new, cutting-edge commercial electrostatic speaker free of the traditional limitations encountered by previous designs, but without giving up any of the musical qualities of electrostatic speakers relished worldwide by their users.

Their shared dream was to create something seemingly impossible: a loudspeaker that can faithfully reproduce all genres of music be it recorded on analogue tapes, vinyl records, or digital signal sources. The technical goals for their design that:

  • covers the entire audible spectrum, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz;
  • present an easy load for amplifiers; even with a 20 watt tube amp;
  • have sufficient output and dynamics to recreate a live listening experience, while also delicate and articulate enough to reproduce music at the volume of a mere whisper;
  • for the first time in the world, simultaneously reproduce bass and treble equally powerfully and of the highest fidelity;
    is enduring and reliable;
  • is modular: extra bass modules or even full range modules can be added to fill larger spaces or in order to address dispersion in acoustically problematic spaces;
  • is aesthetical and interior design friendly
  • is customisable; allowing for a wide range of color combinations, materials, patterns and paintings;

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Frequency response: 35-20 000 Hz
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Impedance: min. 2.5 Ohm @ 20 kHz
THD: <0.1%
Weight: 23.5 kg
Foil size: 0,38 m2
Full dimensions: 1623 x 360 x 365 mm


Black, Red, White, Wood, Transparent version (no grille cloth)


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