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We want to allow the best flow of audio signal and avoid as much as possible any internal or external interference: Omega Audio Concepts brand was born from our love for music and its correct home reproduction, following tight scientific laws. Our production process is characterized by very high theoretical, technical and productive standards followed relentlessly without any compromise. All of this with the scope of making your listening experience better day after day.

With a relatively short history behind Omega Audio Concepts has already been present in the most important National and International exhibitions, from Munich High End to Las Vegas CES, from Top Audio in Milan to Gran Galà dell'Alta Fedeltà to Roma e Milano Hi-End (nowadays called hi-fidelity).

Many important distributors and international magazines rewards have recognized our efforts and results, even if we are heading obstinately in the opposite direction to most of the audio industry, against any fashion and easy way of doing things.

Every cable by Omega Audio Concepts is made following the fundamental scientific principles of Ohm’s law, Theoretical Limit and Space-Time Event. Several construction methods that are consequent are covered by patents and allow to reach remarkable results already with the entry level DNA, name chosen to tell that it can express the essence of our research without the use of costly materials.

Omega Audio Concepts cables are available in several performance levels.
The differences in performance are clearly audible and are due to conductor material, size, amount and quality of the insulation and screen as well as overall construction complexity:

As a consequence of Ohm’s law it is clear that materials with higher conductivity are best suited to make conductors, so silver comes first followed by copper. These elements are well indicated in the periodic table and according to Omega Audio Concepts they are the only options.

All topologies and layouts are chosen according to this fundamental law and the cable is considered as the elemental part of the audio reproduction system. All the other parts are just more complex and must be considered as single elements that interact exactly like two strands of cable do. All the audio reproduction system is built connecting these elemental parts.

Any audio part should be made in a certain way, although not practical. Any cable, electronic device, loudspeaker or accessory made by Omega Audio Concepts is follows the principle to be as close as possible to the theoretical limit regardless of easiness of use as we want to make a Formula 1 to pursue maximum speed and performance, not comfortable use.

Generally speaking, audio signal is a specific electrical signal used to transmit information more than electric current. The right time-space alignment of information contained in the signal is of paramount importance for audio reproduction. Every cable, electronic device, loudspeaker or accessory made by Omega Audio Concepts is pursues the goal of maintaining the right time-space alignment of the information contained in the audio signal.

  • All cables are made entirely by hand.
  • The internal conductors are also handcrafted.
  • The construction system is patented.
  • Materials are copper, silver-plated copper or silver. The supplier produces the wire with Omegas proprietary specifications and then Omega add other proprietary (non-cryogenic) treatments involving a molecular reorganisation of the material.
  • Each single internal conductor is covered with a shielding structure: from two for ESSENTIAL PLUS cables to eight for THE ELEMENTS cables.
  • Omega use a dedicated conductor to remove noise on the positive lead. This is another way of shielding.
  • Omega also use DRAIN conductors that pick up any signals that break the shields making everything cleaner.


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