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Magnepan 20.7

fully competitive with some of the most expensive loudspeakers on the planet, for a fraction of the cost.


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The 20.7 is not big.
What? You say.

The 20.7 is not big from an acoustical standpoint. However, the bass driver is big. If we sold the portion of the speaker from 200 Hz up, you could put it in the average apartment. Yes, it is tall, but very narrow. The ideal speaker would be a massless line-source that would look like a pole--from the floor to the ceiling. The 20.7 comes as close to that ideal as is possible with real-world devices.

The 20.7 bass driver is the reason it is big. Sorry, but that is what it takes to have high definition bass.

The Florida customer with the system below wrote---
"Listening to the 20.7s in my room for the first time was a "wow" moment that raised goosebumps. There was no directionality to the wall of sound that these speakers create. But, more notable to me was that the immediacy that made the experience seem live."


Ytterligare information

Weight 40 kg
Grille color

Black, Gray, White


Natural Oak, Black Oak, Dark Cherry, Silver Alu, Black Alu, Red Alu


Description 3-Way /True Ribbon Tweeter – Quasi-Ribbon Midrange and Bass
Freq. Resp. 25-40 kHz
Sensitivity 86dB/500Hz /2.83v
Impedance 4 Ohm
Dimensions 29 x 79x 2.062


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