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Musicbook Power 500

Nyutvecklade, högpresterande slutsteg, klarar högtalarlast till 2 ohm.



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The Lindemann Musicbook Power is a high-performance power amplifier which offers a music reproduction on the very highest level of sound quality.

The employed NCore technology does not only provide very good measurement values. It also meets with the highest demands on sound quality. Abyssal bass and super fine highs are a matter of course with these power amps. Depending on the model, high (Power 500) or gigantic (Power 1000) power reserves are availa- ble to drive even the most challenging loads in a sovereign way. The power supply of the musicbook Power was custom designed for music reproduction and can deliver high peak currents. This ensures extremely high dynamics also with large orchestras.

A unique special feature of the musicbook Power is the option of running two power amps in a “vertical“ bi-amping mode where the low and high-mid paths have their own power amp each. As a rule, this will lead to a noticeably better quality in the fundamen- tal range and also in the bass. And the bass is level is adjustable in ten steps. With the vast majority of loudspeakers, this will facil- itate the placement in the room.

This concept is taken to the limit with the optional active cross- over for the frequency splitting between the low and high-mid paths. Due to the elimination of the big lossy crossover parts in front of the drivers, the sound is further enhanced towards true perfection.


Power amps

XLR inputs: analog line-level inputs
Input impedance: 150 kOhms
Speaker outputs: banana plugs (4 mm)
Speaker impedance range: 2 – 8 ohmsOutputpower:2x250W@4ohms(2x500W@4ohms)Gain: 25.5 dB

THD: <0,003 %
Frequency response: 1 Hz – 50 kHz (-3 dB)Signal-to-noise ratio: 120 dB

Automatic switch-on

Switch-on threshold: ca. 0.5 mV balancedSwitch-on delay: ca. 2-3 secondsSwitch-off time: ca. 4 hours

Protection circuits

DC at output: Amp shuts down. Must be disconnected from mains and switched on again. LED is permanently on red.
Overtemperature: LED flashes red. In case of further temperature rise, the amp is muted until the temperature is back to normal again.Current limiting: Amp is muted. Output current switching threshold: 17.5 A (27 A).

Measurement conditions: 22 °C, 230 V mains voltage, Audio Precision AP2722
Mains connection: 90 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption: 0.5 W stand-by, 9 (15) W operation, 660 (1200) W max.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 280 x 220 x 63 mmWeight: 2.9 kg (3.4 kg)


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