Harmonix Hyotan 65m

Harmonix Hyotan 65m


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Product specification:
•Tuning principle: Transforms and balances resonance
•Dimensions: 16.5 mm (H) x 28 mm (Ø)
•Colors: Silver metal base / top embraced in dark wood
•Weight limit: 100+ kg
Assembly and applications: See back.
Note: Hyotans require a break-in period – the more time, the better the tuning.


RFS-65m Hyotan
yotan is another new and proud Harmonix creation that complements the “Million” Maestro series of audiophile products.

Our smallest-dimensioned set of tuning feet, Hyotan is designed for various electronics and loudspeaker applications where space is limited.

Hyotan tuning feet not only transform and balance resonance, they also eliminate harmful distortion caused by resonance from such electronics as amplifiers, digital processors, CD transports, and loudspeakers.

Treat your system with Hyotans and fully savor and appreciate a degree of ambient information retrieval that is nothing less than breathtaking. Experience the kind of magnificent music reproduction that will engage and impassion any music lover.

Instruments enjoy better separation and delineation, the vocal reproduction is much more lifelike, the dynamics have a more natural character and impact, while the noise floor is significantly lowered. Transients acquire a crispness reminiscent of a live musical performance.

Harmonix are the only professional tuning devices that maximize the potential of electronic equipment and loudspeakers to achieve the original goals their designers set for superb quality and faithful audio reproduction. You’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

Sold in sets of 4!




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