HIFI Rose RS250


“Rose” even a bunch of roses but the flower that keeps the value of
existence and beauty. ROSE™ is the combined HiFi Media Player Brand
that has been created with the sophisticated technologies between
audiophiles in their 30 years career and seasoned acoustic engineer over the years.

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Supported File Formats: Audio : DSD, WAV, AIFF, DFF, PCM, MP2, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC Video : ASF, AVI, FLV, 3PG, 3GP, H264, K3G, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, SWF, WEBM, WMV
Sampling Rate & Bit Depth: PCM : 8KHz~768KHz(8/16/24/32bit per Sample) Native DSD: DSD64(2.8MHz)/DSD128(5.6MHz)/DSD256(11.2MHz)/DSD512(22.4Mhz)
Streaming Services: Tidal / Qobuz / Spotify / RoseTube / RosePodcast
Radio: Internetradio
Airplay: Yes
Bluetooth: V4.0 / V3.0 +HS
Roon: Yes (expected shortly)
Network: RJ45, WiFi
Inputs: Optical x1, Coaxial 1x, USB, stereo Line-IN x 1
Outputs: Optical x1, Coaxial x1, Line-OUT (fixed/variable), 3.5mm headphones OUT, HDMI, USB-Audio
Dimensions (HxWxD): 76 x 278 x 202mm
Weight: 3,2kg
Warranty: 24 Months
Package Contents: Power Cord x 1, Bluetooth Remote Controller x 1 (AAA Battery x 2), Quick guide x 1, SSD Screw x 4

About HIFI Rose RS250

RS250 is a model for audiophile with high-performance DAC and linear power in the RS201A, which was popular with its new design.
The wide LCD and multi-touch provide a new experience as an audio device and add perfection to those seeking simplicity.

The harmonious design of the high-quality aluminum body emphasizing the same edge as the previous product and the cool wide viewing angle touchscreen placed on the front side makes your music space stand out even more.

The rotary-type power and volume switches in consideration of visual effect and practicality pursue ROSE’s own delicacy.

Flagship Single Stereo Design DAC
RS250 with built-in ESS flagship DAC (ES9038 Q2M) provides low-noise, low-distortion ultra-high-resolution sound and rich analog density through proprietary processing that supports PCM 32bit/768KHz and Native DSD512 (22.5792Mhz).

Realization of Analog Acoustic Sensibility
Acoustic engineers and audio craftsmen with 30 years of experience tune the device to deliver the original impression and intention of high-quality sound. It clearly expresses the entire range, from the magnificent and rich bass to the delicate and elegant highs.

Linear Power Circuit Design Applied
The linear power supply provides a clean and reliable power supply to the CPU and audio output circuits.
Fully linear power supply and shielding are applied, and noise that may be transmitted to sensitive DAC is blocked for the best possible sound reproduction.

Integral Aluminum Cutting-Processed Case
High-purity aluminum is processed as an integral unit to maximize thermal efficiency, and by minimizing the assembly area, vibration that can affect sound quality is greatly reduced, creating a profound and ideal sense of space.

MQA Certified
MQA is the only technology capable of seamlessly streaming the original master sound in low capacity.
The device supports the top-level MQA Full Decoder feature, so you can play studio mastering quality sound.

Ultra HD 4K Video Playback Possible
You can enjoy video files from storage devices or streaming media from ROSE Tube / Tidal / Bugs via HDMI connection in Ultra HD 4K quality on the device’s large display.
Now feel the vivid impression of the Opera House at home.

Better Control
Wide 8.8 Inch Touchscreen It provides an intuitive and convenient interface through the high-resolution wide viewing angle IPS multi-touch panel. The front display shows high-definition album information and can also play back video at 60 FPS.

ROSE Connect Application Users can wirelessly play all music and videos locally and on the network through a dedicated app that supports a variety of platforms.

Innovative ROSE OS system
Hi-Fi ROSE’s own OS system provides an innovative listening environment.

In addition to playing and streaming ultra-high-quality music, it offers a variety of services including 4K high-definition video playback, music-oriented YouTube listening, Pod casts, various radio broadcasts around the world, CD playback and ripping.

You can play music and video files from your local storage media (USB/SSD).
Build your own home network library via NAS connection. You can play music categorized by recent albums, albums, artists, genres, composers, and songs.

Enjoy music streaming and videos with Tidal’s unique features.
Supports MQA Full Decoder, so you can enjoy high-resolution music.

Roon ready
It complies with all requirements of Roon Labs to meet Roon Ready certification, fully compatible with Roon Core.
You can enjoy high-fidelity sound on your ROSE device by taking advantage of powerful sound management features of Roon.

CD sound playback and CD ripping are possible by connecting a dedicated CD drive via USB.
You can extract music stored in the CD and save it to SSD or USB.

Rose store
You can easily update various ROSE OS services to the latest version on the ROSE Store.

Enjoy music streaming with Qobuz’s various functions.
Support for hi-res audio (24 bit/192 kHz) means you can enjoy high-resolution music.

Large Media Library Connection Available
It is designed to allow sufficient storage space to be connected in consideration of high-quality music appreciation. It can recognize up to 4TB SSD and 10TB external HDD, and supports connection with NAS. Now experience listening to high-quality music without worrying about storage space.

Equipped with High-Performance Input / Output Ports
Equipped with a variety of connectors, it is compatible with multiple devices.
Equipped with various input and output ports, RS250 completes the ultimate connectivity.




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