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Gradient Six

** Det sänkta priset gäller vårt demoex i finish som på bild. I övrigt ordinarie pris.

Gradient SIX har en modern och stilren design, kombination av traditionellt hantverk, trä och nya smarta material. SIX är vad du söker i en modern lägenhet, där t.ex betongväggar skapar akustiska problem. Placeras nära bakvägg.


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Gradient Six is excellent choice for the rooms where the listening space is limited. Cabinet of no more than 17cm in depth is designed to be placed close to the wall. Even such a placement the speaker will produce well-balanced sound without over-emphasized, boomy bass.

Solid wood and new smart materials make this speaker a long-lasting product designed for living. Smart materials of highest quality

The cabinet of Gradient Six is made of finest quality solid birch. The back and front wall of the speaker cabinet are rigid Finnish birch plywood coated in Italian Fenix NTM® nano-tech matt material*. The Fenix NTM®, available in white or black is astonishing new material in many sense.

The extremely matt surface is not just good looking. It is also resistant to fingerprints and scratches.

Point source
The one point source driver, as used in the Gradient flagship loudspeaker, Revolution, is very special. It was developed by Gradient and Seas of Norway and exhibits controlled dispersion patterns, allied to an ultra smooth spectral balance, in a wide listening area.

The trademarks of this design are, pinpoint sound staging with exceptional depth and width. The on axis frequency response and the power response curves are optimized to give a balanced, airy and easy-to-listen sound.

The passive radiator designed by Gradient extends the bass response at the lowest frequencies. It is situated in the rear wall of the loudspeaker enclosure.

Handcrafted in Finland
Like all Gradients, the Six is fully made in Finland. Each speaker leaving our workshop is individually tested and passes demanding quality control. Gradients are built to last, when used with care, they will provide you with enjoyable musical experiences for years to come.

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White, Black/Birch, White/Birch


Make and model – Gradient Six v. 6.0
Frequency response – 35…25000Hz , 100…25000Hz +/-2dB, high frequency limit above 50kHz
Impedance – 8 ohm
Drivers – 1 x 176mm fibreglass midrange, 1 x coaxial aluminium dome 25mm, 140mm x 200mm passive radiator.
Sensitivity – 86dB/2,83V/1m
Recommended amplifier power – 20-150W
Crossover frequency – 2800Hz
Connections – Binding posts
Dimensions – (WHD) 200 x 900 x 173mm
Weight – 12kg
Room size – Small – Medium
Suitable for home cinema – Yes
Made in Finland


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