Finite Elemente Cerapuc
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Finite Elemente Cerapuc


Optimera elektronik och högtalare med tuningfötter!



Material: precision machined stainless steel, high-tech ceramic ball
Usable height: 18 or 35 mm/li>
Dimensions: Ø 35 mm (top section), Ø 55 mm (bottom section)
Load capacity: 300 kg (set of 4), 225 kg (set of 3)
Versions: set of 4, set of 3
Features: height adjustable within 10 mm of range, applicable in two heights: 18 or 35 mm, attachable (supplied with M6 and M8 bolts), supplied in high-quality wooden box [/message_box]


About Cerapuc

A well-balanced ratio between flexible application and sonic potential makes Cerapuc the pivot point of the CERAfamily by giving a premonition of the sound improvement potential the bigger models of the line can offer.

  • Flexibly applicable in two usable heights
  • Optimum range of application: 10 – 80 kg of component weight
  • Recommended for audio components, loudspeakers and equipment supports

Experience the CERA technology

The CERA technology is based on direct coupling for effective transfer of sound interfering resonances. Fast resonance transfer is provided by ultra-hardened high-tech ceramic balls.

Combined with precision-machined stainless steel the optimum balance between damping and deflection is achieved.

The resulting vacuum effect draws off unwanted resonance directly where it evolves. The clear advantage: no resonance build-up, no overdamping, no loss of deflection. The CERA technology improves the sound wherever sound impairing resonance restricts the musicality.


Finite Elemente

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Set of 3, Set of 4


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