Harmonix Enacom Speaker Limited Edition

Harmonix Enacom Speaker Limited Edition


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Banana Terminals
Wire: Oxygen-free purest PCOCC copper and directional
Terminals: Custom made Banana in purest PCOCC
Spade terminals is also available on order.


About Enacom
As much as it is a superior product, the user of the product seems to expect a further “better” quality. In addition to the recent availability of AC ENACOM-Limited-Edition, this time Speaker ENACOM-Limited-Edition has been produced for the suggestion and the request from royal ENACOM users who want the ultimate sound quality. The speaker ENACOM-Limited-Edition is made out of assembly of many of selected and special made materials for the ultimate sound quality in response to a demand. Therefore, it is the product being sold out when the supply of materials last. Highly recommend!



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