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Devialet Dione Opéra de Paris

Produkttyp: Devialet Dione Opera de Paris
Karaktär: Nya Devialet Dione, en mycket innovativ soundbar med 17 element som omfamnar dig i en bubbla av ljud. Dione Finns i butiken för provlyssning!
Byggkvalitet: Mycket hög!
Färg: 22K Bladguld
Passar för: Dig som söker en allt-i-ett soundbar. Devialet Dione Opéra de Paris-utgåva är den senaste som går med i Devialet Exclusive Collections-kompendiet, en serie sällsynta utgåvor skapade i samarbete med kulturpionjärer. Nu kan du utnyttja operans känslomässiga inverkan, från avskildheten i ditt eget hem.


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DEVIALET DIONE is the latest embodiment of Devialet’s engineering and acoustic expertise: a true all-in-one Dolby Atmos® at-home sound system that’s equally advanced and intuitive.

Seventeen autonomous high-end drivers deliver dynamic midrange and crystal-clear treble, including eight built-in SAM®-powered subwoofers that produce deep infrabass while removing any need for additional equipment or satellite speakers, making DEVIALET DIONE a truly all-in-one soundbar.

DEVIALET DIONE is powered by a suite of patented Devialet technologies that render it exceptional: SPACE® actively upscales any stereo-encoded 2.0 signal into a 5.1.2 signal, creating an enveloping spatial effect. A custom Room calibration software ensures sounds coming out of the soundbar will fit in any space. Adaptative Volume Level (AVL®) adjusts sound levels in real-time, to enjoy the impact of the sound effects without missing dialogue. Devialet’s Advanced Dimensional Experience (ADE®) technology delivers superior surround sound restitution thanks to innovative speaker placement and advanced digital filters.

On the aesthetic front, DEVIALET DIONE offers an incomparable size-to-performance ratio, standing out in design and sound quality, and blending in when the action begins. Its patented central ORB® allows DEVIALET DIONE to adapt mechanically and acoustically to anyin-home placement.

DEVIALET DIONE provides a plug-and-play way to enjoy a vivid, cinematic viewing experience in a 3-dimensional 5.1.2 configuration with amazing technologies, which we are pleased to show you in this document.

DEVIALET DIONE comes equipped with 17 speakers drivers, including 8 dedicated subwoofers directly powered by the awarded ADH® amplification and SAM® signal processing technologies. This audio architecture results in 5.1.2 sound channels (five main channels, a subwoofer channel, and two elevation channels) that will fill any corner with your room with pristine audio and instantly transport the listener into a 3-dimensional world, no matter the content.

The inclusion of 9 full-range speakers and 8 high-excursion subwoofers elevates the soundbar experience to new height. DEVIALET DIONE doesn't rely on an external subwoofer or satellite speakers to create an immersive cinematic experience. It is a revolutionary all-in-one sound system capable of handling any multichannel audio format with optimal efficiency and compactness.

The 41 mm diameter full-range drivers create dynamic mid-range and crystal clear high frequencies, while the 134 mm woofers deliver deep and powerful bass down to 30 Hzwhile being arranged in Devialet engineered “push-push” configuration to further cancel any mechanical vibrations.

Each speaker driver unit is composed of an aluminum membrane with a high field neodymium magnet, providing excellent sensitivity and complementing the electroacoustic and mechanical characteristics of the soundbar.

DEVIALET DIONE is powered by the Devialet intelligence Processor, which is Devialet’s patented audio system on a chip (SoC) and what makes up PHANTOM award-winning sound.

This unique audio SoC combines Devialet’s amplification and signal processing technologies (ADH®, SAM®, Magic Wire, Class A, DAC) into a single 1 cm² silicon die, preserving the extreme performance level of the ADH® amplification (Total Harmonic Distorsion of 0,001%), while reducing the size of the hardware components by a factor of 200 and power consumption by a factor of 10.

Thanks to this, distortion and amplification are optimized for flawless listening at any volume without any saturation or hiss.


  • Key Features
  • Virtual 5.1.2-Channel Configuration
  • Up to 950W of Total Power
  • Dolby Atmos Support
  • Bluetooth, AirPlay 2,
  • Spotify Connect
  • Built-In Wi-Fi & Ethernet Connectivity
  • Optical & HDMI eARC Inputs
  • Devialet App Setup & Control
  • Wall Mount Hardware Included

DEVIALET DIONE comes with the ability to scan and tune its rendering to the room it is placed in.
This custom software takes into consideration multiple acoustic parameters that might impact the audio quality such as room size, walls, furniture, layout, and the placement of the soundbar inside the room to create an accurate representation of the surrounding space. Then, by playing different echoes and frequency sweeps, DEVIALET DIONE will intelligently tune the sound output to the acoustic model of the room, so that the soundbar sounds as good as possible wherever it is.

The room calibration scan can be conducted at any time from the application settings. The internal microphones used for acoustic scanning can also be deactivated by pressing the microphone button located on the soundbar control panel.

DEVIALET DIONE also features AVL™ (Adaptative Volume Level), a unique dynamic equalizer that harmonizes sound levels in real-time depending on the content being played. This signal processing technology works by analyzing the signal upstream and making sure to homogenize the loudness of the multiple sounds that make up a movie scene such as dialogues, sound effects, and music, bringing key audible benefits such as :

— Smoother listening → avoiding movie scenes bouncing from too quiet to too loud
— Reinforcing clearness → fixing quiet or unintelligible dialog in an action scene
— Improved soundstage → better highlighting the different audio object in the scene

With AVL™, DEVIALET DIONE offers a new way to enjoy and rediscover the magic of cinema at home without missing a single detail.

5.1.2 Audio Channels
DEVIALET DIONE is an advanced multichannel sound system, using 8 high-definition audio channels to create enveloping 3-dimensional effects and expand the width of the soundstage.
The 8 audio channels are configured in a 5.1.2 layout with advanced channel splitting depending on the soundbar orientation (horizontally on a shelf or vertically on a wall).

Dolby Atmos- for 3D cinematic sound
DEVIALET DIONE is natively compatible with the Dolby Atmos® format, using the latest innovations in multichannel and object-based audio. Originally designed for the film industry, Dolby Atmos® delivers layered 3D sound from above, taking the viewer's experience into a 3-dimensional space

Dolby Atmos® is used by filmmakers in the mixing stage to place sounds and voices at exact points in the soundstage rather than simply assign them to specific channels. With Dolby Atmos®, DEVIALET DIONE can distribute sounds in space with 3D effects that make the listener perceive airplanes as if they were flying overhead or hearing every friction in the cornfield during a thrilling chase down.

DEVIALET DIONE features two elevation audio channels to extend the soundstage and accurately reproduce sounds coming from above the listener with the use of Dolby Atmos® metadata.

Upmixing with Devialet SPACE™:
Embedded inside DEVIALET DIONE state-of-the-art signal processing stage, the Devialet SPACE™ technology leverages the full potential of the soundbar’s 17 speakers by upscaling any signal into a thrilling 5.1.2 multichannel

SPACE™ upmixing algorithms are used through several listening modes to finetune DEVIALET DIONE’S acoustic capabilities and enhance the viewing and listening experience.
— Movie Mode actively converts stereo content into a full-fledged multichannel experience when connected via the HDMI and Optical inputs.
— Spatial Mode transforms stereo tracks into layered 3-dimensional sound when used with any wireless audio source (AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, and UPnP) to place the listener center stage and enjoy music and other content at their best.
— Music Mode faithfully reproduces a stereo setup and disables all spatialization effects.
Movie is turned on by default on the HDMI/Optical input and Music Mode for every online source. Spatial and Voice Mode can be turned on at any time using the Devialet application.

ORB® central sphere
Rounding out the angular silhouette of DEVIALET DIONE, ORB® is the focal point of the soundbar’s design. In addition to hosting 1 active speaker and 2 passive radiators, this central sphere is an aesthetic nod to Devialet’s iconic speaker, phantom, and a point of focus.

With the ability to rotate the sphere 180° clockwise, it can visually and acoustically maintain its front-facing position whether wall-mounted or when placed flat on a piece of furniture.

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Specifications of Devialet Dione

Channel Configuration 5.1.2-Channel (Virtual Surround)
Low-Frequency Drivers 4 x Front-Firing
4 x Rear-Firing
Full-Range Drivers 3 x Front-Firing
2 x Side-Firing
4 x Up-Firing
Amplifier Output 950 W RMS
Frequency Response 24 Hz to 21 kHz
Maximum SPL 101 dB
Inputs 1 x HDMI 2.1 – ARC/eARC
1 x Optical TOSLINK – Audio
Outputs None
USB Ports None
Ethernet LAN
Wireless Audio Protocols AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect
Bluetooth 5.0
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Audio Decoding Dolby Atmos
HDMI Compliance ARC, CEC, eARC
Power Consumption 0.5 W (Standby)
AC Input Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Wall Mountable Yes, with Included Hardware
Dimensions 47.2 x 3.5 x 6.5" / 1200 x 88 x 165 mm
Weight 12 Kg


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