Bryston BP-26 Pre Amplifier


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Frequency Response – 20Hz-20kHz +/- .05dB
Maximum Output – 15 volts unbalanced, 30 volts balanced
IMD/THD – <0.0015% at 3 volts out
XLR Connector Pin out (Balanced I/O) – Pin 1 ground, pin 2 positive, pin 3 negative

Balanced inputs – 1.00 V UnBalanced
line level inputs – 500 mV

Rated Noise:
-100dB (Ref. 500mV unbalanced input, 20-20kHz)
-103dB (Ref. 1 volt balanced input 20-20kHz)

2 pair balanced female XLR inputs
1 pair balanced male XLR outputs
5 pair RCA inputs
4 pair RCA + 1 pair phono inputs (BP26P & BP26MC only)
4 pair RCA + 2 SPDIF digital inputs (BP26 DA only)
2 pair RCA outputs
1 tape loop

Dimensions – Standard version – 17” (or 19”) x 2.25” x 11” 43.18cm x 5.7cm x 28cm
Weight – 12.4 lb. (5.62Kg)

Input Sample Rate – 16kHz to 108kHz.
Word Length – 16, 18, 20, 24 Bit
Data format – SPDIF standard
Distortion – < 0.002%, 20Hz-20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio – > 100dB
Frequency Response – 20Hz-20kHz +/- .1dB

Distortion – <0.005%, IM or THD, any frequency or combination of frequencies from 20-20kHz, at rated output or below.
Rated Noise – Phono: -80dBA referred to an input of 5 millivolts RMS @
RIAA Accuracy – Within less than +/- 0.05dB from. 20-20kHz inclusive
Input sensitivity – 5mV

Distortion – <0.005%, 20-20kHz, with preamplifier driven to full rated output
Noise – Equivalent to approximately 1000 ohm metal film register (Thermal noise greater than 85dB below 0.6mV input, unweighted)
Gain – 16.5 or 22.5dB (internally reconfigurable)
Frequency Response – Below 5Hz to above 30kHz, with- in less than +/- 0.5dB
Input sensitivity – 350uV (0.35mV)


BP-26 Series Pre amplifier
Bryston’s BP-26 C-Series preamplifiers offer a significant step forward in capturing the subtleties, nuances and emotions of recorded music.

Designed inside and out to reflect the improvements in the entire Bryston line, these new preamplifiers are a perfect match to our SST C-Series of amplifiers.

All aspects of the signal flow are greatly improved, with lower noise and distortion figures, and higher overload levels.

All BP-26 series preamplifiers are housed in steel cabinets for shielding to reduce electromagnetic interference effects. Buffered inputs provide for lower distortion and improved linearity from source components. A ground plane has been incorporated in this new design to further reduce crosstalk and noise throughout the internal circuitry.

The power supply (MPS-2) is mounted externally to eliminate power-supply noise interference. Each and every BP-26 C-Series preamplifier is assembled by hand and burned in for 100 hours to ensure performance for many years to come. It is backed by a Warranty — unrivaled in the industry.

MPS-2 C-series power supply

  • New high current output power supply
  • Power supply allows attachment of up to 4 different Bryston components
  • Lower noise and distortion
  • Huge new ultra-low-noise power transformer • 68000 MFD of Capacitance
  • Quick connect 12 volt trigger output
  • Switchable ‘mute’ triggers on each of the 4 outputs
  • Re-settable automatic overload protection on each output

DAC Option
The new BP-26DA preamplifier provides a digital interface using premium quality digital to analogue converters on 2 switchable stereo SPDIF (RCA) inputs and Bryston’s fully discrete Class A operational preamplifier sections.

This digital to analog option provides a state of the art upgrade path for customers wanting to improve the digital capability of their stereo CD or DVD players. Simply plug the digital out from your CD/DVD player into the Bryston BP-26DA.

The quality of sound using fully discrete Class A operational amplifiers, rather than the typical IC’s, has to be heard to be believed.

MM/MC Phono section
Bryston’s unique and innovative Phono Section is available as an optional built in feature in either Moving Magnet (BP-26P) and/or Moving Coil (BP-26MC) version.

It offers a broadcast quality uncomplicated package for those who enjoy the ultimate in vinyl playback. The MM/MC phono stage is also available in an outboard unit – BP 1.5 C-Series as well.



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