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Audioplan PowerStar S4

Produkttyp: Audioplan PowerStar S4 Strömfördelare
Karaktär: 7 st uttag för ström.
Byggkvalitet: Toppklass
Färg: Svart
Passar för: Dig som söker en av de bästa kontaktdon på markanden. Ökningen av naturlighet, klang, livlighet och dynamik jämfört med PowerStar Slll är inte bara direkt hörbar, den är också imponerande. En superprodukt!


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The PowerStar is one of the products in our range that has been in production the longest. Its roots go back to the 80s of the last century. The unchanged basic principle of star-shaped current distribution gives it undeniable theoretical advantages. The clear reference to the central unit of the system - preamplifier or integrated amplifier - minimises potential differences and thus sound-damaging equalising currents between components. This is a decisive advantage compared to conventional terminal strips. The details of the technical design largely determine how this theoretical advantage is translated into sound.
Compared to its predecessor the PowerStar S4 uses modified conductor stars made of pure copper with a new type of two-layer damping that only acts at certain points.
This is the first time in the long history of the PowerStar that I have been able to create a truly symmetrical earth connection for all output sockets. With all predecessors, this variant was always worse in terms of sound, although it has theoretical advantages. A good example of how strongly the choice of materials and construction influence the overall result. In the end, many changes were necessary to help the symmetrical grounding to its sonic breakthrough.
It is always amazing to me what can be heard in the mains area and what influence an unimpressive device like a mains distributor has on the sound of a music system. The increase in naturalness, timbre, liveliness and dynamics compared to the PowerStar Slll is not only immediately audible, it is also impressive.
Just listen for yourself, the new PowerStar S4 is now available in three versions:
Solo without connection cable, with Ampère S or with PowerCord U.
With cable, you benefit from more favourable bundle prices.

Just listen for yourself, the new PowerStar S4 is now available in three variants:

Solo without connection cable
with Ampère S
or with PowerCord U.
With cable you benefit from lower package prices.

The goal of all our developments is not only the natural reproduction of instruments and music measured against the live experience, but also to enable the emotional experience and intuitive understanding of music. To achieve this, we have developed a holistic approach to the subject of music reproduction, which has led and continues to lead to many developments in equipment and interface-technologies.

For only the understanding of interactions and skilful composition and tuning of a music system will lead to satisfying results over the long term. The building blocks for this composition, components, cables, power supply and mechanical components, are available from us. But there is more than this, because just as important are almost 40 years of experience in the assembly and tuning of high-quality systems. Give us a try.

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Mains voltage 230 V ~
Current carrying capacity 16 A
Output 7 Schuko sockets, ground terminal with central grounding point
Construction 3 mm² conductor pure copper, hard soldered
Housing Plastic and 3 mm aluminum with 6 AntiSpike bolts screwed, copper shrinkage,
AntiSpike bottom and feet.
Supply cable Ampère S or Ampère L without cable
Length 1.5 m, other lengths on order
Dimensions (WxHxD) 22 cm x 11 cm (incl. feet)
Weight 2.0 kg without cable


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