Wireworld Mini-Stratus figure 8 Plug Power Cable


Nya Wireworld 8 serie är nu äntligen här med ett tillskott i kategorin nätkeblage med “figur 8” kontaktering.


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Design – Fluxfield Technology
Signal Conductors – Qty: 8 Gauge: 15AWG | 1.4 sq. mm
Conductor Material – Oxygen-Free Copper
Insulation – Composilex 2
Plug Contacts – Silver-clad Copper Alloy
Note – Figure 8 plugs

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About MSP
An elegant variation of Wireworld’s Fluxfield technology with fifteen gauge (1.4mm²) oxygen-free copper conductors provides cleaner sound on a quieter background than conventional figure 8 power cords.

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About Wireworld
A love of music. A passion for innovation. A flair for industrial design. A quest for detail. The innate ability to prove the naysayers wrong time and time again. This is who we are. Like many audiophiles, David Salz has spent decades refining his music listening experience. He is truly passionate about using objective listening tests to create cables that preserve the finest details and expression of music. The closer we get to bringing the intensity and beauty of live music to your listening room, the closer we have come to achieving our goals.

It began in 1980, when David realized the only way to discover what was being lost by a cable was to remove it altogether. Instead of simply comparing cables, he began testing them against virtually perfect direct connections made by docking components together with custom adapters. The knowledge gleaned from decades of these tests led to several patents as David continued to develop cable designs that sound closer and closer to the ultimate purity of a direct connection. In short, David developed more effective testing that provided real answers and real solutions, not just different results.

In the ’90s David partnered with V.P. / Operations, Sara Flaaten, and together they moved the company in a direction of steady growth and progress with dedication to loyal, well-trained staff and excellent customer service; people that take pride in creating a product that truly does live up to its reputation. Try Wireworld cables for yourself if the feeling of a live performance is what you want for your listening experience.

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