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Snyggt och högpresterande försteg från Vietnamesiska Thivan Labs,

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Inputs 3 x RCA ; 1 x XLR ; 1 x MM/MC RIAA Phono
Outputs 1 x RCA ; 1 x XLR
Vacuum tube complement 2 x 12AU7 ; 2 x 6SN7 Single Ended with Special Output Transformer
Frequency response 6Hz – 30kHz (+/-3dB)
HUM Noise < 0.2 mV
Gain 25dB
Voltage Max Output > 40 Vp-p
Input Impedance 100 kOhms
Power Requirements 220V (possible to set 100 / 110 / 117 / 240V / 50-60Hz by different markets)
Power Consumption 30W
(W x D x H) 45 x 38 x 14 (cm)
Weight (kg) 16 kg

X10 Anniversary Preamplifier is one of the preamp versions of ThivanLabs’ 10th anniversary product line. This is an upgrade of ThivanLabs’ successful Pre X10 after 5 years in the launch. This preamp lamp product is sold at a reasonable price but it possesses all the technical advances of the high-end pre line and successful technical modifications of previous Preamp products.

The Pre X10 Anniversary includes 5 inputs and 2 outputs, plus an additional Full Balance XLR output which enables easy and flexible connections with other devices. The Pre X10’s audio signal transmission design is optimized to authentically broadcast music records.

This latest pre-light product features more detailed and musical sound thanks to the use of separate sources for different amplifying stages. The audio signal processing is thus complete and very effective. Noise index reaches its lowest level, resulting in a quiet and pure background and enhanced sound details.

One of ThivanLabs’ design goals for Pre lamps is its ability to best express diverse colors of music, and to improve sound quality from medium systems to large and high-end systems. This Pre Amp can coordinate with any high-end light tubes and semiconductors on the market.

Like ThivanLabs’ Amplifiers and Light DAC products, the Pre X10 Anniversary uses the Output Transformer (OPT) that isolates amplifier stages to provide sweet soothing sound. Well-controlled sound offers impressive performances of not only lyrical, vocal, jazz, blue music… but also powerful ones of highly dynamic and detailed music such as symphonies, instruments, trio quartet … The Grand PreAmp is an indispensable member of one’s audio system, both to improve sound quality and to conveniently adjust volume since it is connected to an amplifier that will reproduce high quality sound like that of electronic light.

Highlights of the Pre X10 Anniversary:

– A Full Balance XLR output is added

– A separate source is used for each amplifying stage to keep the noise index at its lowest level and thus create a stable and pure background and enhanced sound details.

– Two bulbs 12AU7 are used for amplification and 2 bulbs 6SN7 for sound output

– Minimalized circuit design with high quality components.

– Bulb 6SN7 is placed in the output to improve sound details and thickness, effectively supporting stage performance.

– Sound is well controlled and balanced between frequency bands; it is therefore easy to coordinate with different systems from light amplifier to advanced semiconductor amplifier.

– The OPT output transformer is used to bring out soft, thick and soothing sound.


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