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  1. Leasing erbjuds företag på köp från 2 400 kr till 2 000 000 kr.
  2. Beställningen slutförs med BankID av bolagets firmatecknare i kassan. Är det fler firmatecknare som ska signera så fyller du i deras epost för att skicka en signeringslänk.
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Räkneexempel för varukorg 14 000.00 kr

311 kr per månad i 48 månader. Restvärde 1 400 kr. Uppläggningsavgift 450 kr.

Audio Concept är Scandinaviens enda Ameno Center. Hör av dig till oss så tar vi fram Ameno lösningen som passar din bostad och dina önskemål. Med Ameno har du mängder av variationsmöjligheter. Priset indikerar där Ameno utbudet börjar, och ligger mellan 14000 och 99000.

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Ameno offers all the capabilities of a full-fledged modular furniture system. It’s stackable and expandable. The individually designed surfaces, means they can be flexibly adapted to match all current and future colour and material trends. Ameno is technologically prepared for everything that came out, that is out and that will come out. The system looks forward to offering a home to your turntable from 1980 as well as your new tablet, 3D TV and even the new iPhone 6/6 plus.

The heart: the backbone What makes Ameno so unique is a specially made media compartment made of high-strength aluminium, which runs like a backbone through the rear section of the furniture. This gives the furniture its stability and provides space for entire cabling, integrated power strip, the rotatable TV mount as well as all docks for holding smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the sectioned furniture surface with magnetically attached covers, the compartment is easily accessible from the top. Wiring new devices or replacing a dock is child’s play.

Perfect freedom for planning
Design and arrange Ameno as to meet your needs. For maximum planning freedom, cabinet frames are available in two depths, various widths and heights. These can be arranged vertically and horizontally as desired.

Flap, door or drawer
The fronts are available as a flap, drawer or door and are operated by touch system. Electric-powered drawers are optionally available.

Wall cabinets
The cabinet frames are complemented by open and closed wall units. These can be used as storage space, a bookcase or as a decorative surface.

Rotatable television mount
A television mount rotatable up to 360°, is also available. The cables are run in the column hidden from view.

Glass in over 2,000 colours
As with all Spectral furniture, Ameno is also available in over 2,000 colours with scratch-resistant glass surfaces and in glossy or satinised finish (matte).

Wood veneer available in three colours
Customers who prefer natural colours, may choose from three different genuine wood veneers in Sand Oak, Indian Walnut and Dark Oak. They are cut using a water jet which offers unrivalled precision and an elegant shiny edge. For added stability, the wood veneers are laminated wafer-thin from both sides on to the aluminium core.

Ceramic available in four colours
Spectral is breaking new ground when it comes to material with its innovative ceramic surfaces available in the colours Bianco, Argento, Moro and Nero. They give Ameno a warm and natural look, ensure a sensual experience and are virtually non-scratchable.

The aluminium outer layer is made from two anodized aluminium with a black synthetic core. This layer is also extremely durable and resistant.

Speaker covers available in three colours
The perfect companion to the glass, wood and ceramic materials are the fabric speaker covers available in black, silver and carbon.

Spectral SCA3 sound system
The smallest of the three sound system delivers voluminous stereo sound with fantastic effects, clearly understandable dialogues and a bass you can actually feel. The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 interface allows wireless music streaming from virtually any mobile device.

 Konfigurera din egen möbel
Nytt för 2015 är att du själv i lugn och ro hemma kan konfigurera din Spectral möbel. Printa, ta med eller skicka en kopia till oss för pris, leveranstid och beställning.



Vikt 100 kg

All NCS Colors available


För specifikationer, mått, anpassning etc – kontakta oss.


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