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Don’t let its compact size foul you, similar in size to the Compact Range of CDs, VPS, JAZZ and MELODY, the MSA is a powerful yet elegant powerful amplifier.

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MOSFET Stereo power Amplifier
Don’t let its compact size foul you, similar in size to the Compact Range of CDs, VPS, JAZZ and MELODY, the MSA is a powerful yet elegant powerful amplifier.
The MSA has been designed to be extremely transparent and faithful to the music you want to listen to.

Unique design
The electronic design was inspired by the popular PMA / PSA amplifiers. The output uses a simple pair of MOSFET transistors, a solution that allows the purest and most transparent signals. The MSA is completely symmetrical from input to output.
To make the most of the limited surface area, the heat sink covers the entire top of the amplifier. It is machined from a solid 10 kg block of aluminum, and after machining is completed, its weight reduced to 3.5 kg! This elegant and unique solution allows the amplifier to keep a reasonable temperature even working at full power for a long time.

The front panel is quite simple with just the power ON selector and the world famous Nagra modulometer style power meter. An AUTO start / shutdown function is provided that will turn ON and OFF the amplifier in the presence or absence of input signal.

Pure power
The MSA is also designed to work as a monoblock. A bridge selector switch on the rear panel allows parallel bridging, and the MSA will then double the current at the output as well as the power. This allows better driving of difficult loads or simply increasing the power if this is needed, for a less sensitive speaker for instance.
The input sensitivity is selectable to 1 or 2V, by the means of switches located on the rear of the amplifier, to offer the best match with the preamplifier.

Vikt 15 kg

Class AB
Power 60 W rms into 8Ω
Sensitivity 1V or 2V rms
Bandwidth 70 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio Typically 109 dB
Measured in ASA A
THD+N 100 KΩ
Input connectors XLR Balanced
Output connectors Gold plated WBT
Bare wires up to 4.2 mm
4mm banana plugs
6.35mm spade lugs
Consumption 300 W max
Sine wave current draw
complies with EN61000-3-2 regulation
Less than 1W in Standby and Auto
Weight 9 Kg (20 lbs) Net weight
Size 28 x 25.4 x 12.5 cm 12 x 10 x 5 inches
Operating range 90-110 or 110 – 132V or 180-264V
50 – 60 Hz




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