Auralic Aries G2


Nya G serien från Auralic får alla toppbetygen och räknas med råge som bästa streamer, streamer/dac lösningen i marknaden.


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Aries G2 Streamer has just received top honours with an ‘Audio Excellence award in the highly respected UK quarterly ‘Hifi Critic’ journal. Andrew Harrison writes;
‘Construction quality of the milled chassis is formidable with immaculate fit and finish. Just as turntables are more critical in the foundation of good sound than either tonearm or cartridge, so here the digital source was guiding the sound onto a firm footing before the following ancillaries.
Timing and pace, constrained only by the following system, were beyond reproach. 
Stereo images tightened and took stronger root, with much increased space – dark, black space – between those images. With only one surprising hiccup, the soundstage was clearer of the subliminal fog that can clutter much digital playback.’
‘ When focused on listening, it was a joy to browse easily through a colourful library of sound, as I would with LPs, or search at whim for any random soloist, composer or song – and have the results appear near-instantly, then play with negligible interface lag. And once selected, to hear even CD rips sound so solid and real, that when heard from the kitchen I found myself rushing at
the end of a familiar album, in haste to turn the record over.’
‘ The Aries G2 does a seemingly simple job exceptionally well, a delight with high-resolution sources but also revealing untapped potential from 16-bit digital audio.’
  • Streaming Input-
  • Network shared folder
  • USB removable drive
  • Internal music storage
  • UPnP/DLNA media server
  • TIDAL & Qobuz Internet Radio
  • AirPlay, Bluetooth, Songcast Roon Read
  • File Format-AAC, AIFF, ALAC, APE, DFE DSF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WV and WMA
  • Sampling Rate- PCM in 44.1KHz- 384KHz at 16-32 bits DSD64 – DSD512 (DOP and Native)
  • Streaming Platform-AURALiC Tesla G2 with 1.2GHz quad-core processor 2GB system memory, 8GB data storage
  • Music Storage-Optional 2.5-inch internal SSD/HDD With no capacity limitation
  • Network Input-RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Tri-Band 802.1 lac Wireless Connection
  • Audio Output-AES/EBU, Coaxial, Toslink, USB Host Audio AURALiC Lightning Link
  • Internal Clock-Dual Femto Clock For Digital and USB audio outputs
  • Power Supply-Dual Purer-Power internal linear power supply 1 Ouv low noise design for audio circuit
  • Noise Elimination-Dual Galvanic Isolation Digital and USB Audio EMI-shielding Unity Chassis
  • On-Device Display-3.97-inch retina resolution display
  • Control Software-Lightning DS, Roon, 3rd party OpenHome control software
  • Dimensions -340mm*320mm*80mm (W*D*H)
  • Weight-7,2kg

ARIES G2 Streaming Transporter

Since 2014 the AURALiC ARIES Wireless Streaming Bridge has been the leader in the world of high-resolution audio streaming, and it became the premier choice for bridging the gap between lossless digital music sources and your home audio system. Now, with cutting-edge transfer protocols, faster processing, enhanced isolation engineering and a redesigned chassis, the brand-new ARIES G2 Streaming Transporter raises the standard for connecting your musical world.

The AURALiC ARIES G2 includes all the rock-solid connectivity and one-of-a-kind features found in the original award-winning ARIES, and builds on them by introducing original engineering designs focused on isolation, separation and protection against interference. Not just a big brother to the ARIES, the ARIES G2 is an enhanced streaming device endowed with cutting-edge technologies and proprietary innovations. Whether on its own or working in consort with other G Series devices from AURALiC, the ARIES G2 is for music lovers who require the most discerning approach to modern streaming.

ARIES G2 Streaming Transporter

Since 2014 the AURALiC ARIES Wireless Streaming Bridge has been the leader in the world of high-resolution audio streaming, and it became the premier choice for bridging the gap between lossless digital music sources and your home audio system. Now, with cutting-edge transfer protocols, faster processing, enhanced isolation engineering and a redesigned chassis, the brand-new ARIES G2 Streaming Transporter raises the standard for connecting your musical world.

A New Standard in Digital Audio Streaming

Since 2014 the AURALiC ARIES Wireless Streaming Bridge has been the leader in the world of high-resolution audio streaming, and it became the premier choice for bridging the gap between lossless digital music sources and your home audio system. Now, with cutting-edge transfer protocols, faster processing, enhanced isolation engineering and a redesigned chassis, the brand-new ARIES G2 Streaming Transporter raises the standard for connecting your musical world.

Lightning Streaming

Like all streaming-capable AURALiC products, the ARIES G2’s expansive wireless connectivity options are thanks to its native integration of AURALiC’s custom-built Lightning Streaming technology. Lightning Streaming uses existing Wi-Fi to create a dedicated music streaming network capable of wirelessly delivering the highest resolution musical formats available, up to DSD512 and PCM 32bit/384k. Lightning Streaming brings with it all the features you’ve come to expect from ARUALiC streaming devices too, like Gapless Playback, Memory Caching, Bit-Perfect Multi-Room, and Upsampling.

Along with the ARIES G2 and the G series of products from AURALiC, we’re also introducing a browser-based interface for configuring Lightning Streaming and its features, allowing universal access for the first time from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

In addition to compatibility with AirPlay, the ARIES G2 is a certified Roon Ready endpoint for seamless integration with Roon software, making it one of the most flexible streamers available in hi-fi.

Lightning Link

Lightning Link is a low-jitter, bi-directional 18Gbps coupling that takes advantage of high-speed HDMI-type hardware connectors to provide a superior level of transmission control, making today’s ultra-high resolution digital music shine like never before.

Different from the other HDMI based I2S connection, the bi-directional Lightning Link opens the door to jitter-free operation of all the devices in your system. Clocking information from destination devices such as the VEGA G2 can drive the ARIES G2 timing for perfect data synchronization. Lightning Link also carries system control data for everything from volume control to processor engine setup, allowing all linked AURALiC devices to appear in a single, unified control interface.

Tesla G2 Platform

The AURALiC Tesla G2 Platform is the revamped heart of the ARIES G2, and it packs a processor that’s 50% faster than the Tesla G1 platform, with twice the system memory (2GB) and data storage (8GB) of the previous generation. Tesla G2 not only handles the most demanding audio formats with ease but drives the ARIES G2’s software processing engine and its advanced DSP functionality, including upsampling duties and a bigger Memory Cache for an exacting level of sonic quality and stability. As always, automatic updates keep the ARIES G2 up to date with the latest feature set and support, continually expanding its functionality and ensuring peak performance.

A Digital Audio Galvanic Isolation

Physically separating electrical circuits while allowing data to flow between them, Digital Audio Galvanic Isolation in the ARIES G2 offers a new level of protection against electromagnetic interference. We created two special high-speed galvanic isolators and configured them between three primary circuits in the ARIES G2. Noise-sensitive Femto Clock and digital audio transmitter systems, as well as the central processing circuit are completely isolated from each other, eliminating jitter and contributing to an unparalleled level of clarity.

Dual Linear Purer-Power

AURALiC’s Purer-Power technology already re-examined every detail of power delivery with innovative wiring and circuit designs based on the concepts of isolation and purification, and it was a key to the pristine operation of the original ARIES. Now, the ARIES G2 takes that approach a step further by using two internal Purer-Power linear power supplies, separating and protecting distinct power circuits from interference. The first Purer-Power supply feeds the ARIES G2’s processing circuit, LCD display, and storage – whether internal or attached via USB. The second Purer-Power pathway is dedicated to sensitive audio components such as the Femto clock and USB audio output. Both power supplies are galvanically isolated from each other to ensure zero EMI interference between them.

Dual Femto Clocks

We’ve retained the use of two Femto clocks in the ARIES G2 for incredibly detailed signal handling. The first clock drastically reduces jitter across the AES/EBU, Coaxial and Toslink outputs. But timing issues can affect sound quality from output via USB too, so there’s a second Femto clock dedicated to the USB controller in the ARIES G2. No matter which route you choose, you’ll benefit from extremely precise timing and low jitter thanks to these super-accurate clocks.

Unity Chassis

The ARIES G2 is housed in a completely redesigned enclosure – the Unity Chassis. It’s machined from a single billet of aluminum and specifically designed for the premium lineup of AURALiC G Series products, right down to mass balancing and the shape of its foot spikes. The Unity Chassis excels at shielding the inner workings of the ARIES G2 from EMI and providing superior dampening and absorption, reflecting the obsessive attention to noise reduction throughout the G Series.

Optional Internal Storage

The ARIES G2 connects to all your favorite sources of high resolution digital music, no matter where they are. But if you prefer to store your music locally, there’s an internal drive bay capable of housing any 2.5” HDD/SSD. With an internal drive installed the ARIES G2 becomes a powerful and flexible streaming music server, ready to deliver an exceptional audio experience.

Mer information

Vikt4 kg
Dimensioner50 × 30 × 15 cm

4 recensioner av Auralic Aries G2

  1. Teodor Sanden

    Sign of the times
    The Aries G2 represents Auralic throwing the kitchen sink at networked audio. Ed Selley looks into the future of music streaming in this exclusive review.

    Network audio has become a big part of our hi- listening habit as moreof us get more comfortable with the prospect of streaming music
    from pay services like Tidal and Qobuz or from a networked server containing a music library at home. It’s an area that’s seen considerable expansion in the last decade, but is still pretty much dominated by a few familiar names.
    For any company to make inroads into this sector, it needs to have a front end that goes the extra mile at a competitive price. Auralic has been impressive in this regard and first began to carve itself a reputation
    for well thought-out and capable products at competitive price points with the likes of its Aries Mini music streamer (HFC 425) and the Altair
    DAC/preamp with music streaming (HFC 428). The Aries G2 on test here might best be seen as phase two of the company’s plan, and is the rst of its new G2 Series of components (see boxout). It’s also a little unusual in that it is a streaming transport that’s dependent on users adding an external
    TheLightningDSapp leaves most rivals standing in terms of its responsiveness
    DAC to route music from it to a hi- system. Historically, this hasn’t always been the most suitable approach for DSD music les, as the selection of digital connections will struggle to transmit this to an external converter.
    Happily, Auralic has ensured that there are two connection options to overcome any such issues. The rst
    is via a USB-A port that works in a driverless con guration and over the course of my time with the Aries G2, it works seamlessly with any DAC I try. The other option is all new and entirely bespoke. The Aries G2 is tted with Lightning Link, which is a bi-directional 18Gbps digital hookup that uses an HDMI connection rather than anything proprietary. What this means in terrestrial terms is that the add-on G2 components – Vega, Sirius and Leo – have the means to handle all sorts of extraordinary hi-res les and also to lock the components together and suppress jitter – a standard criticism of the two-box approach. For those music streaming fans that aren’t quite on the bleeding dge of technology, the Aries G2 is also tted with AES/EBU, coaxial and Toslink digital outputs that cater for transmission of PCM les at up to 24-bit/192kHz.
    These legacy connections access the company’s Tesla streaming platform that is capable of handling les up
    to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD512. These les can be accessed over wired and wireless network connections (although Auralic suggests that if you are looking to use the larger le types, you should go for a wired setup), but there is an interesting addition to the G2’s spec in the form of an internal bay for a 2.5in hard drive. This allows the Aries to become a self-contained server. You can additionally attach a hard drive externally via a dedicated USB connection if the idea of rooting around inside your shiny new streamer doesn’t appeal.

    New look
    Externally, the Aries G2 is all new. The case is built to a three-quarter-width size and has a new industrial design. It’s clean and ultra-modern, but not entirely free of foibles. Auralic has dispensed with the rotary push dial control that is used by the Altair and instead substituted four xed buttons. These are beautifully recessed into the front panel, but are so dark they are almost invisible even in a well-lit room and the legends are impossible to discern. These are partnered with
    a 3.97in colour display that shows album art, track title, time and play/ pause – but not album title or sample rate – for the le being streamed. The top plate extends over the rear inputs making it look extremely neat, but connecting cables into the socketry and ports from above is harder than it need be. The t and nish is extremely good, though, and the Aries G2 has the presence and sense of quality that ts with the relatively high asking price.
    Auralic’s Lightning DS control app is another priceless advantage that the
    Aries G2 has over its rivals. This is unchanged from the version that we’ve seen on previous components, but this really doesn’t matter. By rendering the library on the control device, Lightning leaves most rival control apps standing in terms of its speed and responsiveness to accessing music les. Its unfussy playback options (there’s no need to queue material, for example) and the integration of Tidal and Qobuz streaming services is extremely good. The only downside is that it is only available for iOS, but if this is the price of such a good piece of software, it’s an acceptable trade-off.
    Setup is simple enough. A wired connection requires no work at all and the wireless setup is logical and easy to follow. The USB output is also entirely straightforward. I nd the most reliable method is to make the connection and then turn the DAC on rst. The Aries G2 works happily with a Chord Electronics Hugo 2 (HFC 428) and an Oppo Sonica DAC connected in this way and proves entirely stable and shows the identity of the DAC it’s connected to via its USB port on the control app’s screen.

    Sound quality
    As the Aries G2 is fundamentally a transport rather than a complete playback device, its performance is shaped by the DAC that you choose
    to connect it to, but within that statement are some caveats that largely come out in favour of the Auralic. The rst is that across the three devices I use for listening –
    the aforementioned Hugo 2 for USB, a Naim ND5 XS (HFC 352) via optical and a venerable Audio Note DAC 1.1 on the coaxial input – the connections are all silent and extremely stable, with no clicks and pops or interruptions to playback. The gapless playback mode works perfectly on every format I have at my disposal.
    The Auralic gives the best possible start for your decoding device and the performance it offers with the Hugo 2
    The character of the performance is largely defined by the partnering DAC
    playing a 24/88.2 download of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s I Need You is very impressive. The music rises from an utterly silent background and there is an almost analogue warmth to Ronnie Van Zant’s vocals. There is a huge amount of sophistication present in the mechanics of both of these devices, but the manner in which it is deployed is so beautifully seamless
    in its execution that it never so much as snags the attention, letting you focus on the music instead. DSD is also transferred without issue and the DSD64 download of Depeche Mode’s Clean is relayed with real potency and depth.
    The character of the performance
    is largely de ned by the DAC and changing to the more forceful and tonally darker Naim ND5 XS shows this to good effect. The muscularity
    of the Naim with a 24/48 download of Yossou N’Dour and Peter Gabriel performing In Your Eyes is very apparent. There is an effortlessly deep and controlled bass that underpins this sizeable stadium recording and greatly aids the general sense of believability. The Naim’s innate rhythmic ability is also completely unaffected by receiving the signal rom the Aries G2, which suggests that while Auralic might have some very clever jitter reduction technology in the pipeline, the performance of the unit is already very good.
    Of course, you can go completely
    in the other direction and select something like the Audio Note – which is radically different in its presentation – and the results are
    no less impressive. A 16/44.1 rip
    of Martha Tilston’s Stags Bellow is sublime. Her unique tone and singing style is presented with startling clarity and there is an immediacy and sheer realism to the performance that draws you into the music in a way that the more sophisticated DACs can sometimes struggle to achieve. The Audio Note shows up an unusual feature of the Auralic that is very useful in these circumstances. If you enter the IP address of the Aries G2 into a computer on the same network, you can limit the maximum sample rate to a xed value that the DAC
    can handle – in this case 44.1kHz. Material at higher sample rates will be down sampled to work at this rate and it means that your whole library can be listened to even if the DAC can’t normally handle some of the les it contains. It is attention to detail like this that marks the Auralic
    out as a seriously impressive streaming transport.

    What the Aries G2 does is take every aspect of network audio that the brand has been perfecting with
    its previous products and places
    all of its know-how into a seriously accomplished piece of hardware. The high price for what is in effect half a streamer won’t appeal to everyone, but as the basis for an ultra-high performance and exible and easy
    to use network audio front end, the Aries G2 really does need to be on any worthwhile audition list.

  2. acshop

    ​Following Postive Feedback Writers’ Choice Award, 2017 for the new ARIES G2

    ‘ The ability to present a clear, detailed reproduction of the music came through on any genre played through the Aries – be it pop, rock, classical, chamber or whatever. And, of course, the better the file quality and DAC you choose to run it with the more impressive that performance becomes.’

    ‘let me say that I think would recognize the new Aries G2 from AURALiC (even with my limited time this is a clear winner – $3899’


  3. acshop

    Extensive eight page review of the Aries G2 Streamer, Vega G2 DAC and Leo GX Reference Clock combination as featured in the leading French publication ‘Haute Fidelite’. Bruno Castelluzzo writes –

    ‘ The Aries G2 and Vega G2 combination is already a remarkable duo. Auralic are mastering hardware and software to perfection with a merciless pursuit against noise and vibration. From the control of your iPhone, the musicality of the system will impose itself. As for those who have the means, they will not regret the acquisition of the Leo GX clock which propels the performance to a hard to reach summit, not by adding spectacular effects but by a naturalness that some people thought almost inaccessible to digital’

  4. acshop

    An in depth and comprehensive video review of the critically acclaimed Auralic Aries G2 Wireless Streaming Transport.

    ‘Dont’ be fooled, the Aries G2 is in a class of its own”

    ‘This is a very, very good digital transport. Amongst the best of the best I have heard up till now’

    Link here –

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