Vivid Audio Giya G1


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Just an amazing speaker!

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Configuration – 4-way 5-driver system
Cabinet material – Glass reinforced balsa cored sandwich composite
Cabinet colour – Piano, Pearl
Bespoke cabinet colour – Custom colour comes to an extra cost
Drive units – HF: D26 — 26mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading Mid: D50 — 50mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading Lower-mid: C125S — 125mm with Tapered Tube loading Bass: C225 — 2 x 225mm metal coned units with short-coil long-gap motor design

Bass loading – Exponentially tapered tube enhanced bass re ex
Sensitivity – 91dB @ 2.83Vrms at 1.0 meter on axis
Nominal impedance  – 6 nominal, 4 minimum, low reactance
Frequency range (Hz) – – 6dB points: 25–36,000 Hz
First D26 Break Up mode: – 44,000 Hz
Frequency response – 29 – 33,000Hz +/- 2dB on reference
Harmonic distortion (2nd and 3rd harmonics) – < 0.5% over frequency range
Cross over frequencies (Hz) – 220, 880, 3500
Power handling (music program) watts rms – 800
Loudspeaker dimensions  – 1700mm (H) x 440mm (W) x 800mm (D)
Net weight – 74kg
**Internal Crossover

Giya g1
The one that started it all. Our original product, designed by internationally renowned acoustic engineer Laurence Dickie, the GIYA G1 remains the reference standard for all Vivid Audio loudspeakers, and the entire audiophile world. What you’ll notice about first is its unique curved outline: form following function with rare and complete devotion. But what really stays with you, and keeps you coming back for more, is the sound.

Inspired by nature. perfected by engineers.
Nature dislikes straight lines almost as much as she abhors a vacuum. She knows that sound travels much more smoothly over curved surfaces; hence the shape of your own ear. Odd, then, that the standard loudspeaker design is still, by and large, a rectangular box. All those sharp edges and right angles produce reflections and resonances – the true enemies of recorded music. Because what you’re hearing isn’t the real performance: it’s a version of it, overlaid with colours and textures the writer and performer never intended. If you want to hear the real thing, you need the GIYA G1.

Taking you deeper into the music
As befits the top-of-the-range model, the G1 brings you all our finest handmade acoustic technology. The new D26 tweeter and D50 mid driver both benefit from our patented Tapered Tube loading. This effectively eliminates cabinet resonances, giving you absolutely clarity and transparency through the high and mid frequencies. Underpinning the performance is the massive bass provided by our paired C225 drivers. Set on reaction-cancelling compliant mounts, they faithfully bring out every note with perfect accuracy, free of the blurring and muddiness that bedevil lesser devices.

Natural through and through
Sheets of wood are easy to cut, handle and join, which is why loudspeaker makers love them. And they’re perfectly fine if you just want to make rectangular boxes. Which we don’t, for reasons already explained. So instead, the G1 enclosure is handmade from a glass-reinforced composite sandwich, with a core layer of end-grain balsa wood. This allows us to create the curved planes and angle-free internal spaces that prevent reflections and resonances. Not the quickest or easiest way to make cabinets, but the only way to achieve the unique GIYA listening experience.

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Vikt 200 kg

Pearl White, Piano Black, Bespoke


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