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Ta effektivt hand om nätburna störningar innan det när din anläggning.
Torus Power är det smartaste valet. Oslagbar dynamik och kontroll.

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About Torus PowerBlock

The 2.2 Amp, 500 VA PB2 is fitted with Four Shucko outlets and like the PB4, features Torus Power’s Toroidal transformer to provide instantaneous clean current, NBT Noise Filtering technology and a tried-and-tested Surge suppression system to protect against spikes, surges, lightning etc.

The PB 2 is built around a 500VA, 2.2 Amp toroidal isolation transformer.
The PB 4 uses the same 500VA transformer but doubled, so 2 x 2.2 Amps.

Technology-based: narrow bandwidth technology (NBT): noise filtration found in other models (TOT, RM, AVR).
The PB2 and PB4 have an overload protection circuit (Q1 on the diagram below)

The PB 2 is designed for compact systems, sources, TVs and video projectors, the PB 4 is recommended for mid-range systems.

What is very interesting about the PB4 that it offers 2 banks of separate sockets with two transformers isolated between them, and therefore:
-You can isolate digital and analog machines
-You can isolate the sources of the power amplifiers, bringing them together on a single bar is often harmful.
-And what the customers unfortunately neglect: separate machines with switching power supply (computers, switches, servers) and machines which have quality and linear power supplies.
This connection confusion is a real horror for hi-fi quality sources and amplifiers.


Torus Power

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