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SPECIFICATIONSDigital Inputs RCA: 1 x RCA Coaxial 44.1kHz-192kHz/24bit
Fiber: 1 x Fiber Optic TOSLINK – 44.1kHz-96kHz/24bit
USB: 1 x USB Type B – 44.1kHz to 384kHz 32bit / DSD64, DSD256
Analog Outputs
– Connector
– Tubes
– Coupling
2 x Stereo Pair of Unbalanced RCA
1 x Stereo Pair of True Balanced XLR
1 x 12AU7 ; 2 x EL84
Special Single Ended Transformer
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz flat within +/-0.6dB
Digital Decoder ES9038Q2M DACs 32-bit 384kHz PCM, DSD64 – DSD256
Feature Full feature remote control and selector: Volume, Digital Inputs, Mute, Filter
Operating voltage 220v (possible to set 100/110/117/240V/50-60Hz by different markets)
Dimensions (cm) 45 x 38 x 12 (W x D x H)
Weight (kg) 16

Today, a computer audio system can help users store tens of thousands of music tracks, with many advantages compared to conventional CDs. This system allows players to easily manage and play high-quality digital music using software and apps for playing and sharing music online, and wireless control with smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal music players … all with relatively good quality.

Since 2013, ThivanLabs, with a desire to create the best experience from combining sophisticated lamp sound and digital technology, has studied and launched the DAC Tube Music Processor (TMP) product line. ThivanLabs’ DAC (digital to analog converter) is a digital-to-analog converter that has been researched and manufactured with a significance enhancement for the audio output with electronic light to produce the best music quality.

The TMP Anniversary series comes in three versions:

– The high-end version of R2R TMP X-Grand Anniversary

– The mid-range version of TMP Grand Anniversary Grand

– The standard version of TMP 9038 Anniversary

DAC TMP Anniversary products excel at converting high quality audio formats. Each version is designed with the advance in technology, using latest modules or decoder chips, while meeting customers’ different needs and investment possibilities.

“Digital as Analog” is ThivanLabs’ core design concept for DAC products – an advantage that helps these products stand out in the market of high quality digital audio.

The company’s 10-year experience of producing electronic light devices and OPT – Output Transformer technology has contributed to the success of DAC Tube Music Processor Anniversary, which produces sounds of subtlety, authenticity, inspiration, warmth, analog quality, thickness and details.

The new generation of TMP Anniversary is easily connected to all nowadays’ popular sources such as CD / HD / Blu-ray Player, Music server, Smart TV, TV / HD Box, portable hard drives, Laptop / PC, device smart mobile devices such as IPads, IPhones, smartphones … via USB, Optical (Fiber), Coaxial (RCA / BNC), AES ports. The new TMP DAC lights are an optimal solution to elevate an existing audio system to a new level.

Factors contributed to the special sound quality of Thivan TMP 9038:

Most of the DAC 9038s available on the market use buffers. The output for DAC9038 chip is a semiconductor with a very deep negative feedback, which brings about rather clean sounds, yet filters out harmonies from 9038 chip, resulting in the loss of instrument and vocal naturalistic sounds. Therefore, many users unfavorably respond to DACs of this new chip saying that the sound is too “Digital”, emotionless and dry!!

With the combination of an electronic light, the DAC Tube Music Processor – 9038 has been engineered to deliver sound smoothness and authenticity, preserving the true integrity of sound!

In Thivan’s TMP 9038, for source processing, the audio output is considerately invested with 12AU7 and EL84 tubes using the Single Ended circuit. The entire circuit is designed to run Class A without negative feedback to maximize sound details and music of ES9038 chip, every note of the song or voice vibration of the vocalist is preserved and transmitted as faithfully as possible.

New modifications of the TMP 9038 2019 version:

DAC is equipped with a display screen with intelligent custom functions that make it easier to use.

Two color choices between traditional Rose and premium Walnut,

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Rose, Walnut


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