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Frequency response : DC ~ 90kHz /+0, -3dB (SR-L500
samsung15675Rated input level : 100mV / 100V output
Maximum input level : 30Vr.m.s. (at minimum volume)
Gain : 60dB
Harmonic distortion : 0.01% or less (1kHz/100Vr.m.s. output)
Input terminal : RCA or XLR (Exclusive use)
Input impedance : 50KΩ(RCA)/50KΩ×2(XLR)
Maximum output voltage : 400V r.m.s./ 1kHz
Standard bias voltage : DC 580V
Mains voltage : AC120V/AC220V/AC230V/AC240V, 50/60Hz (depending on your country’s voltage)
Power consumption : 30W 1pc use)
Operating temperature : 0 to 35 degrees (non condensing)
Dimension : 195(W)× 102(H)× 346(D)mm Main body Include VR Knob(19),GND terminal(11): 376(D)mm
Weight : 3.4Kg
Others : equipped with through output (RCA)

About STAX SRM-400S

Middle-class semiconductor driver unit is renewed.
New DC amplifer which FET are installed in all stages. STAX introduces a new semiconductor driver unit SRM-400S, the successor model of SRM-353X. STAX custom-made low noise DUAL FET is installed on First Stage. And FET is also installed on Last Stage. The characteristics of right FET and left FET are measured strictly. Selected FET are installed as well as SRM-700S. SRM-400S succeeds to the design and the manufacturing method of the high end model SRM-700S, the amplifier which FET are installed in all stages.

In addition to the conventional power transformer for the high voltage circuit, the newly designed power transformer with the winding for the low voltage circuit is installed in SRM-400S. The low voltage winding enables to improve the power e ciency and achieve further power saving and better sound quality than the conventional driver units such as SRM-353X. The new chassis which is more rigid than the conventional model is installed. The chassis has a hybrid structure using a lot of non-magnetic aluminum and further reduces the effect of the environmental noise factors such as vibrations. The inputs are RCA and XLR, the mutual exclusion inputs. The custom made concentric dual volume knob which is common to STAX products and RCA PARALLEL OUT functions are installed same as the conventional driver units. All electric components are strictly selected considering the environment. Also the sound quality and the performance is improved.

The complete DC amplifer configuration that the signal circuit includes no coupling condensers is one of the biggest traditional features. SRM-400S takes over the high resolution sound which is unique to the semiconductor circuit and dynamic low range sound reproduction. Simultaneously, the good sound balance is further pursued than SRM-353X. From the low range to the high range, the sound of each range is well harmonized. Not only for the combination with the advanced lambda series, SRM-400S is also ideal for the upgrading from the entry level SRS-3100. This is the promising new model which covers from beginners to intermediates among the renewed driver unit lineup.




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