RF999 M
Harmonix RF-999M Million Maestro

Harmonix RF-999M Million Maestro


Att trimma din anläggning genom att placera fötter under elektronik och högtalare är ett mycket stort steg i rätt riktning för att få ut 100% välljud ur din anläggning.


Product specification:
Hand-crafted “Art-of-Spike base”. Set of 2 pcs.
Size: 77mm(bottom) x 22mm(high)
Finish & materials: Selected wood and metal hybrid.
Color: Darker wood and silver metal
Weight allowance: some hundreds kilograms

***Sold in 2 pieces per set


RF-999M Million Maestro Spike Base

“Million” is a symbol mark for Harmonix maestro series products. The Million products have been developed in use of our traditionally oriented Harmonix Resonance Control Technology, extreme rare and essential tuning material and crafting engineering.
RF-999M, in addition to other Million Maestro series products such as TU-812M, RFA-7800, TU-666M and X-DC-M AC power cord, has been designed to ultimate the potential of the systems.
The tuning effect and performance of RF-999M is an exemplar of Harmonix Resonance control technology, and that is something considered to be a special to enthrall serious and discerning music listeners around the world.
Voices become natural, clear and immediate. Drums are dynamic, powerful and precise. The sound reproduction of string instrument will become richer and delineated. The soundstage gain astonishingly balance and three dimensional.
RF-999M, like other Million Maestro series products, is for sure absolutely worthy product to invest and your money can buy.
It’s unavoidable product for your systems!

RF-999M has been designed in use in coupling of spikes installed on speakers and key electronic components. If spikes are mounted on your speakers or electronics, RF-999M is to be placed directly under spikes mounted, and if not, RF-999M is suggested to be used in combination with Harmonix SYN-100 Spike set.



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Product specification:
•Hand-crafted “Art-of-Spike base”. Set of 2 pcs.
•Size: 77mm(bottom) x 22mm(high)
•Finish & materials: Selected wood and metal hybrid.
•Color: Darker wood and silver metal
•Weight allowance: some hundreds kilograms


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