Reimyo DAP-999EX “TOKU” DAC


“Reimyo” Betyder mirakel på Japanska och det är exakt vad detta är.

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Input signal: 16 bit
Input signal sampling frequency:
48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz
Digital inputs:
1 x AES/EBU/input impedance: 110 Ω
1 x BNC/ input impedance: 75 Ω
1 x RCA/ input impedance: 75 Ω
1 x TOSLink
Digital signal processing: K2 Technology (K2 LSI; 16-24 bit)
DA converter: 24 bit, 16-time oversampling
Output voltage:
XLR – 5.1 Vrms (hot = 3)
RCA – 2.55 Vrms
Frequency response: DC – 20 kHz (+/-0.5 dB)
S/N ratio: >114 dB (IHF-A)
Dynamic range: >100 dB
Channel separation: >105 dB (1 kHz)
Linearity: +/-0.5 dB (+10 dBm ~ 90 dBm) 1 kHz IHF-A
THD: >0.003% (1 kHz Vo=F/S) (30 kHz, LPF On)
Power consumption: 15 W
Dimensions: 430 (W) x 44 (H) x 337 (D) mm
Weight: 5.5 kg


Reimyo DAP-999EX Limited “TOKU” Edition D/A Converter
One piece of stone can create thousands of waves! Only rely on one set of audio equipment can also tune up a very tasteful music feast! What I am saying, is that this D/A converter, being produced by the sound tuning master, Mr. Kazuo Kiuchi.

The Reimyo new flagship D/A converter “TOKU” edition under his Combak Corporation’s electronics line, without changing any of the other matching gears in the system, the DAP-999EX Limited “TOKU” is just as by virtue of the music with unblockable charm, to get all the other members of the monitor system to be united, so as to fully support it to reproduce the very tasteful music over and over again.

Fascinating Thousands of Audiophile Enthusiasts
I am sure that some of the audiophiles may not be familiar with or may have forgotten the brand name of Reimyo and its mother company Combak Corporation.

However, if we mention Harmonix tuning spikes & bases, wooden feet, tuning cables, room tuning devices, CD tuning sheets, LP Clamps etc., or the Enacom series – noise eliminators for signal and AC power – these are those little piece of devices connecting to your speaker terminals, input/output connectors, AC power sockets; I believe now everyone would say “Oh…yes.” and remember them! More than 20 years ago.

Combak Corporation established its name in the Hong Kong Hi Fi market with its outstanding Cherry wood tuning spikes that had fascinated thousands of audiophile enthusiasts. After trying and experiencing its powerful effect, I am one of those audiophiles would definitely remember it!

Due to the above fact in the history, for those audiophiles who have already used and experienced Harmonix or Enacom tuning devices, for sure, would be a lot more than those audiophiles who have owned or experienced the Reimyo electronics. Moreover, Reimyo products have been known as refined products but expensive. Current models include CDT-777 CD Transport, DAP-999EX Limited D/A Converter, CAT-777MKII Vacuum Tube Preamplifier, KAP-777 Single Mos FET Transistor Power Amplifier, and the ALS-777 AC Line Stabilizer.

Sometime ago, there were also DAP-777 D/A Converter and PAT-777 300B Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier which have been discontinued. We can say Reimyo is definitely the niche products of minority group of knowledgeable audiophiles.

Theory to Practice
For those audiophiles who know about the Harmonix tuning devices should also know that its company leader, Mr. Kazuo Kiuchi (the Japanese tuning master well-known in global audiophile market) talking about the theory of “Equalization of Resonance”, or even have experienced in person his effective tuning devices on their own audio system.

Viewing it from another angle, Harmonix tuning devices can effectively upgrade your audio system, and it is the same theory as mentioned by Mr. Kiuchi that when the resonance is harmonized in one frequency, every aspect of the sound is precisely conveyed as it emanates from the instrument. When Harmonix is applied, you can eliminate unwanted resonance frequencies to achieve incredibly pure and natural, distortion-free music reproduction for a new level of sonic realism.

It has also proved that his ears are very sensitive with excellent judgement. Thus, in addition to producing the tuning devices, with his golden ears and great listening experience and sound tuning knowledge, he has developed a series of audiophile cables and electronics with guaranteed high performance. For example, the Harmonix HS101 speaker cable being sold successfully in the HK audiophile market for more than 10 years ago.

For the electronics, Combak Corporation exhibits the conventional fine Japanese craftsmanship meticulously! Starting from the design, the choice of materials and workmanship, from its chassis to the internal components, every single bit is well-thought with adequate material.

Moreover, its refine limited products with a long production leadtime, plus its ever-lasting cosmetic, exhibiting a master piece of audiophile equipment. The look of the CD Transport CDT-777 or the DAP-999EX is still not outdated even though it has been the same style/look for many years. If I use today’s trendy description, isn’t it a beautiful equipment with frozen age? Just kidding!

Rites into Feeling
You may properly guess that the tuning master, Mr. Kiuchi, an expert in the control of the resonance, should have already planned well in the chassis design for resonance elimination and isolation. No matter the quality of material, the thickness of the metal chassis, and the arrangement of the circuitry, they have all been well considered.

With his sharp marketing and sales experience, Mr. Kiuchi would definitely know that if he changes the look and the model number of this unit, it would help to excite the market with increasing sales. However, he decided not to follow such marketing gimmick because he is full of confidence with it!

The whole chassis is made of aluminum, and the top cover together with both sides are in one piece under the C shape construction; plus the extra thick front panel, rear panel and bottom plate. If you lightly tap on top of the chassis, you can hear only a deep solid sound without any tail. It has proven that there was no resonance on it.

The unit is less than 2 inches tall (44mm), plus a thick and heavy bottom plate, to form a low gravity center. When I unpacked it out from the carton box and put it on the Hi Fi rack, I felt it extremely steady, just having a very stable, properly, rites into feeling. There is not necessary to use any spikes or base etc. Having such a good confidence, of course, it is mainly because of the 4 pcs. nice and solid tuning feet attached onto its bottom plate.

These 4 pcs. Harmonix TU-600, with the diameter of 44mm, 18mm height, made of special selected high density solid wood surrounding with metal ring, it does not only eliminate the resonance, it can also support the weight up to 100kgs. Using 4 pcs. TU-600 to support this DAP-999EX Limited “Toku” which weighed only over 10 lbs., it is surely effortlessly.

Very Particular Design
Looking at the inside, actually starting from the earlier version of the DAP-999EX, no matter the power supply, DAC and analog circuitry, or even the internal wiring are all very particularly chosen and designed.

Two pieces high quality low noise C shape transformers utilizing the light and electric coupling component to further eliminate the interference. Moreover, adding its own Harmonix “Enacom” for the high frequency filer, so as to eliminate the AC noise. Even the fuse is also the famous German Brand HiFi-Tuning audiophile fuses being specially treated by Reimyo.

The difference between the normal “Limited” edition and the “Toku” edition is mainly inside the unit – all the internal circuit boards and its components have been optimized with further resonance control. The usual German made HiFi-Tuning fuse has been upgraded to its higher quality grade black version and the AC Power filter capacitors as well as the output section capacitors have also been upgraded.

There are 4 groups of digital input – AES/EBU, BNC, RCA & Toslink, also utilizing matching transformer for signal isolation, so as to allow it to process different input impedance (75 or 110 ohm), to deliver the signal to the extremely low time error/discrepancy, Yahama YM3436D digital signal receiver. With regard to its main course, it is the K2 JVC 8009 circuitry, and it is separated from the main board so as to eliminate any interference. It’ll also be benefit for the possibility of any future upgrade.

The digital signal input first goes through the K2 JVC 8009 circuitry which is mainly composed with 8 pcs. CMOS processing chips, and it is also the up-sampling circuitry that it can process the CD signal of 16 Bit/44.1kHz up- sampling to 24 Bit/176.4kHz, further through the MXO digital clock so as to assure the time consistence.

Utilizing Burr Brown DF1706 DAC, at the same time, adding a group of light and electric coupling circuitry to act as the isolation of the next circuitry. The digital to analog job is done by the matching pair of the most stringent “K” grade Burr Brown PCM1704 DAC and the power supply filter of the digital to analog circuitry is handled by the Sanyo high quality capacitors.

The analog output section is simple but refined, utilizing Burr Brown OPA627 to act as the operational amplification, and the low pass filter and amplification are handled by the good standard of JRC 5534. Equipped with 2 groups analog outputs, including the Rhodium plated XLR and the gold plated RCA sockets.

Choosing the Best to Execute
Looking at today’s prevalence generation of digital music files / streaming playback, Mr. Kiuchi still did not consider to add USB input to the DAP-999EX Limited “Toku”, and there is no doubt that Mr. Kiuchi insisted to concentrate to the CD source! Perhaps, some people may think that he is stubborn!

In fact, he is actually choosing the best to execute. Moreover, CD has been available in the market for more than 30 years, every audiophile should have accumulated huge quantity of CD albums in various titles and these will not be given up or disappeared.

Thus, there is still a demand of the proper playback equipment. Furthermore, serious audiophiles are the minority. Although CAS has already been getting popular in the HiFi markets all over the world, CD is still the mainstream. Obviously, the DAP-999EX Limited “Toku” is really targeted for those serious audiophiles who choose only the best but also know how to enjoy music.

Perhaps it is a historical legacy problem that the Reimyo D/A Converter product having the identity of JVC K2 D/A Converter from the day one and it represented that it’s exceptionally good at playback K2, K2HD, XRCD, XRCD2 and XRCD24 versions of CDs. At the end, it is actually particular about the quality in reproducing the CD.




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