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So this one is truly for the vinyl connoisseur.… a record brush of the finest quality, and you feel that at the very first moment.  A dense array of goat hair & carbon fibre bristles, wooden casing and metallic accents… you just know that it cleans thoroughly… and the results speak for themselves.  The best record brush money can buy!, Jimmy Rigogiannis / Anquan AV | Instagram

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Absolut nördigt och ytterst tillfredsställande att använda är alltid produkter där hantverk, design och funktionalitet tagits till sin spets. En pryl du kan ha resten av livet. Och det den gör – det gör den bäst.

I Tyskland handbygger företaget Ramar dessa fantastiska skivborstar i kolfiber och gethår, en mix som tar bort fler partiklar än enbart kolfiber. Borsten hår prisats för designen, de som har den älskar den. Den kostar något mer, men passar perfekt in i nödvändigheten att undvika slit och släng.

En pryl, lite dyrare, högsta kvalitet, ha den längre och få bättre resultat när du använder den. Kul att det finns personer som gör riktigt hantverk också i det lilla – för vår hobby/bransch.


Weight 166 g

Dimensions 12.5 × 4.4 × 4.4 cm

Scope of delivery
record brush, case, stylus brush, two cleaning pads, storage box

Technical data
Weight Brush – 116 g
Weight Brush and Case – 166 g
Dimensions brush with case (mm) – 44H x 121.5W x 44D
Body – walnut, cherry or ash (oiled)
Brush hair – Six double rows of carbon fibre and two rows of goat hair
Bristle cover – aluminium (AW 6082), electroless nickel coating
Stylus Brush – stainless steel (brushed), carbon fibre, walnut
Serial number – Stainless steel (brushed)
Rod magnets – Neodymium (nickel-plated)

The pictures shown are for reference only, the actual product may vary. The range of natural colour, structure and other differences within a type of wood is one of the natural properties of wood as a natural product and does not constitute grounds for complaint or liability. Wood is a natural product and it lives. A minimal growth, shrinkage or warping is therefore also possible in the final product!

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The vinyl record brushes from ramar are characterized by their unique brush trim and aesthetics. Six double rows of carbon fibres and two rows of goat hair are used in elaborate handwork.

Thus our brushes combine the best characteristics of the known brush types. The material properties of the individual components as well as the specific arrangement of the bristle rows ensure excellent dust absorption and dissipation electrostatic charge. Our products stand for innovation, quality and aesthetics. With great dedication we develop hi-fi accessories with clear lines and attention to detail. We design for people who appreciate craftsmanship.


Ramar’s brushes are characterized by a unique brush trim. Six double rows of carbon fibres and two rows of goat hair are used in elaborate handwork in our workshop in Berlin. The specific arrangement of the bristle rows ensures excellent dust absorption. The six double rows with millions of carbon fibres thoroughly feel every groove and are supported by the two rows of goat hair.

Whether fine dust or larger dirt particles — the unique mixture of carbon fibres and goat hair carefully removes every particle from the surface and picks it up safely. The material properties of the individual components and the design of the brushes ensure optimum dissipation of existing electrostatic charge. At the same time, however, they also prevent their formation during cleaning.

They are all made of solid walnut, cherry or ash. The surface is oiled. Therefore it is abrasion-resistant and resistant to dirt. Brush handle and case are milled from a single wooden blank. The bristle cover is made of aluminium refined with electroless nickel. Electroless nickel layers are exceptionally wear-resistant, offer very high corrosion protection and are conductive. The uniqueness of each wooden blank guarantees the individuality and exclusive appearance of each brush. This makes each of our brushes a high-quality unique piece. Storing the brush in a case increases its durability and protects carbon fibre and goat hair from damage and dirt. For an excellent cleaning result, we recommend to dust the brushes before use and at regular intervals with the cleaning pad made of natural felt supplied.

Each brush is provided with a serial number. This database with production information allows us to easily trace who made which brush and when, even after several years. At the same time it is also possible to check which materials were used. At the customer’s request and if necessary, the fibres can be renewed and thus the brush can be “overhauled”.



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Walnut, Cherry, Ash

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  1. acshop

    This Design-Savvy Record Brush Will Keep Your Vinyl Clean and Look Good Doing It
    With far more than meets the eye, the Ramar record brush may be the optimal instrument for removing dust and debris before any LP playback.


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