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Nya högtalare från Oido Audio. Tillverkad i stål och med öppen baffel, väckte de redan i version 1 mycket uppmärksamhet!

Tech Specs–Deep Space One

Speaker cabinet made of steel with double, damped, layers on both front and back baffles

Frequency response: 35 – 20 000 Hz, +/- 3 dB

Sensitivity: 85 dB 1W/1m

Max input continuous power: 150 W

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm

Size: 290 x 950 x 320 mm (WxHxD)

Weight: 51 kg per speaker

Tough and durable high gloss powder coating, available in white or black

Speaker Grills can be ordered in several different colors


Our brand new speaker model ”Deep Space One” is here!
We have been hard at work developing the open baffle concept into something more compact and coherent. The aim has been to keep the OB virtues of airy and articulated bass, seamless integration between bass and midrange and the ability to reproduce a grand scale stereo image, without the drawbacks of enormous speaker size and an odd looking back side.

Big, generous and transparent sound
The ”Deep Space One” speaker has a big sound that boxed speakers just can’t do. By utilizing the back wave of the mid and bass drivers, the stereo image will be deep, and the spatial reproduction of any music venue will be much more realistic.

Introducing Open Enclosure
The Open Enclosure concept is very similar to a compound open baffle typology, but adds a certain degree of air flow restriction in the bass. This provides an optimal work environment for the four 10-inch woofers per speaker.

Advanced “brain”
The brain of every speaker is its crossover network. Like everything else about the ”Deep Space One”, the crossover sets it apart from the norm. The network has been meticulously engineered with focus on maximum dynamics. All coils are very low or extremely low impedance and all capacitors are polypropylene foil–even the really big ones in the bass section.

Created with focus on both sound and design
In the design process, we have tried really hard not to be limited by conventions of how a speaker is supposed to work or look. Instead we chose to explore new ways of obtaining maximum sound quality from a slim, contemporary looking speaker cabinet.

The Philosophy
Behind the Deep Space One” speaker lies several inventive technical design decisions–that make the speaker sound big, dynamic and natural while maintaining a small foot print and slim appearance.

Open Enclosure
Building on the concept of a compound open baffle, the Open Enclosure concept adds multiple pairs of woofers–each pair with specific characteristics–in order to simultaneously obtain bass qualities like ”attack” and ”fullness”, which to some extent are mutually excluding in conventional speaker designs.

Large cone area
The total cone area per speaker is massive. This gives the “Deep Space One” a clear edge when it comes to dynamics and transient response.

Damped layers of steel
The front and back baffles are made out of a bonded sandwich construction of steel and vibration absorbing material–creating a high density, low vibration cabinet.

Supersink solderless crossover

Connections in the crossover are completely solderless and do not pass any circuit board traces whatsoever. Direct connections through state of the art terminal blocks and large cross section cables are used instead, ensuring minimal impedance and maximum dynamic range.

Star earth grounding
Every single ground connection in the mainly fourth order crossover is connected straight to the negative binding post via its own separate 12-gauge cable in a star earth grounding scheme.

Exact stereo imaging
A combined midrange cone driver and coaxially mounted horn loaded compression tweeter driver is used to achieve point source stereo imaging. In combination with the depth of the sound stage produced by the dipole radiating mid and bass drivers, the result is both atmosphere and accuracy.

Every detail counts
Materials, components, shapes, air openings and mounting details are carefully chosen, modelled and constructed to provide the highest possible synergy. The ”Deep Space One” speaker is handcrafted in Sweden using the best components from thoroughly selected manufacturers.

Minimal diffraction–maximum resolution and imaging
Many design elements contribute to an optimal solution in this regard: The very thin baffles make it possible to mount the drivers virtually flush, while at the same time avoiding any kind of restriction of airflow on the back side. Rounded edges, placement of drivers, size and shape of baffles and holes all contribute to minimize diffraction artefacts–and thus maximizing resolution and imaging

Besök gärna Oidos nya hemsida genom att trycka på denna länk.


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