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3-Way State of the Art Active Speaker
1x 30mm Diamond Tweeter
1x 168mm Ceramic Midrange
3x 168mm Aluminum Sandwich Woofers in a closed Box
1500 Watts Class-D audiophile quality Amplifiers
Internal Cables & included Power Cables from Merlin
Exceptional Revopod Feet for solid stand & decoupling

Size: 0,28m x 0,45m x 1,24m (w x d x h)
Weight: 100 Kg per Speaker
Linear Frequency Response down to 40Hz anechoic
Integrated Room EQ
PLC or Wifi, Airplay, DLNA, Roon Ready
Analog In
Speakers connect through patented drop-out-free PLC or Wifi with each other
Only Power Cable is needed
Optional Wifi instead of PLC AC Inlet 100-250V Autoadjusting

Solid Surface Mineral-Organic Composite Material with up tp 80mm thickness
Piano High-Gloss Black, Piano High-Gloss White, Sandblasted Black, Sandblasted White

Power Cable
2 months Qobuz for free
1 year Roon for free

Läs mer om Moajaza här.

Another meaningful word. Moajaza means the miracle. 

Moajaza is the first product of Goya Acoustics and the name says it all.

We have put all of our knowledge and the best available technologies together to build this exceptional product. 

The result is a full-active, wireless 3-way tower speaker. We spend weeks listening to the speaker and doing countless measurements until we achieved the perfect symbiosis. This means an outstanding sound and truly perfect measurements with a linear response from 40Hz all the way to 20kHz and perfectly low distortion. 

From the first tone that comes out of the speaker you will hear that this speaker is exceptional. 

A true Miracle. This is why we call it Ultimate. 

The suspension of disbelief

Goya means the suspension of disbelief that occurs in good storytelling. You can also name it:

A Story that feels like reality

Sit down in a cozy chair in front of our speakers, turn on the music, and close your eyes. 

When the music starts playing the speakers vanish and the music detaches from the speakers completely. You can hear the room of the recording in every detail and it feels like you are really sitting in that room. No matter if it is a big concert hall or a small jazz club. 

Every musician is clearly audible at his position. The lead singer will stand in front of you. The speakers transport the music just like it was recorded. From deep, pounding basses to crystal clear and shiny highs. You will hear new details in music pieces and rediscover your favorite songs. 

After listening to the music for hours and traveling from small clubs to big stadiums all around the world you open your eyes and you’re still sitting in your cozy chair. 


Goya Acoustics

Innovativa high-end, trådlösa högtalare för musikälskare i framkant....

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Black, White


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