La Boite Concept AP 160


A gorgeous design and genuine sound in the new all-in-one system.

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The AP 160 (All Play) is a universal all-in-one high fidelity and versatile loudspeaker, allowing among others to put a TV.

In accordance with traditional Hi-Fi fundamentals, this universal loudspeaker is equipped with the most innovative numerical treatment technologies widening the possibilities of use. The AP 160 only requires a power socket and allows you to benefit from an exemplary sound restitution no matter how you use it (TV, turntable, wireless devices, …) while discreetly and elegantly hosting your equipment. Its dimensions along with its storage capacities makes it a perfect fit in order to host your TV set along with your turntable.

The numerous years of R&D requested in order to develop the AP 160 allows it to offer mind-blowing performances. This unique high-fidelity acoustic loudspeaker has been manufactured in order to deliver a natural and dynamic sound. The accuracy and the exactness of the reproduction is obtained thanks to the combination of La Boite concept patrimonial know-how to the patented innovations descending directly from its very own research laboratory.

The designer Stephan Lanez has reinterpreted the LP 160 loudspeaker (the latest product of the brand) developed by La Boite concept teams in order to propose both a new design and a new domestic use. The AP 160 loudspeaker subtly combines dense and noble materials (available in different finishes) with the lightweight design of its openwork wire base (solid wood or metal). Stephan Lanez offers a whole new and contemporary frame of reference to La Boite concept range of speakers.

The AP 160 is a top-notch consistent system that has been entirely developed by La Boite concept without any acoustic compromises. The high fidelity sound reproduction is the direct result of a specific scheme between electronics and acoustics. Its monobloc architecture includes custom made components from La Boite concept such as speakers and converters along with various inputs offering a plenty of functions.

  • Winner of Red Dot Design Award 2016


La Boite Concept

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White & Oak, Black & Gloss Black


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