Jelco HS-30


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Magnesium Alloy body with rose wood
Azimuth adjustable
Universal mount
Finger : Copper with gold plated
Two lock pin

4N all pure silver lead wires with gold plated terminal
PIN conductor : Gold plated
Weight : 16.9 grams without screws
Color : Black / real wood


JELCO was founded in 1920
The precision micro mechanism is the core technology of (ICHIKAWA JEWEL CO., LTD) started in 1920 by Y.ICHIKAWA.
Manufacturing jewel bearings for watches, diamond stylus of audio cartridge, jewel bearing of needle pointer of measuring instruments. Sapphire bearing of home electric power meter.
2018 is 98th Anniversary of ICHIKAWA. Manufacturing Zero friction products is our key policy which supported many Japanese industries for decades, such as mechanical watches, audio products, electric power meter industries.

After 1958 LP vinyl record disc invented, it required a tiny diamond tip stylus to trace only 0.05mm width grooves.
JELCO could do it without difficulties.




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