Oskar Heil A.M.T Kithara


En klassiker med kanske det bästa element som gjorts – original Oskar Heil AMT.
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Om unika AMT

The unique design feature of the OSKAR A.V.T. which distinguishes it from all other speakers is an extremely lightweight diaphragm, folded into a number of accordeon-like pleats to which aluminium foil strips are bonded. The Diaphragm is mounted in an intense magnetic field and a music signal is applied to the aluminum strips.

This causes the pleats to alternately expand and contract in a bellows-like manner in conformance with the music signal forcing air under pressure out of the pleats and sucking the air in on the other side, the airmovement is 5 times bigger than the movement of the membrane, therefore also the velocity must be 5 time bigger.The total moving mass is approx. 1 gram, we have therefore an almost perfect transducer system. This principle can be demonstrated very simply by taking a sheet of DIN A 4 paper with a surface of 616 cm2, folding it in the center lengthwise and bending the long edges together to form an opening of 5 cm on the one side.

We imagine, that the upper and lower part of the structure is closed and move each side 2.5 cm together. With a frontal surface of 140 cm2, we have now moved 770 ccm of air, compared with the 350 ccm of air moved by a flat diaphragm. Our transformation is now 1:2.2, by making the triangle (top view) a square form, we doubled the transformation to 1:4.4 The selected transformation ratio with the Oskar A.V.T. is 1:5.3.

Unlike conventional speakers, whos diaphragms move air only in a direct proportion to their own movement with the inherent inertia. The A.V.T. multiplies (transforms) the Air Velocity by a factor of 5.3 (with a total mass of less than 1 gramm) and is, therefore, appropriately called an “AIR VELOCITY TRANSFORMER.”

Speaker elements: 1 A.M.T. mid range – tweeter 650 – 23000 Hz

Heil Kithara with floor plate, Floor plate is Optional


Oskar Heil

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Speaker elements: 1 A.M.T. mid range – tweeter 650 – 23000 Hz

Heil Kithara with floor plate

Floor plate is Optional

1 25 cm bass unit 28-700 Hz.
Frequency response: 28-23000 Hz +- 5 dB
Sensitivity: 94 dB 1 W 1 meter
Impedance: 4 ohm minimum
Cabinet finish: White
Dimension: 40 x 40 x 110 cm including A.M.T.
Weight: Kithara-ca. 35 Kg.

Weight Floor plate-ca 7 Kg.


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