GoldenEar Bookshelf Reference X


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Suveräna stativhögtalare från GoldenEar.  Med teknik hämtad från Triton Reference kan det inte sluta i annat än succé!

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Dimensions – 8-1/16˝ (20.5 cm) W x 12-1/4˝ (31.1 cm) D x 12-1/8˝ (30.8 cm) H (includes feet)
Weight – 12 lbs. (5.44 kg)
Frequency Response – 40 Hz – 35 kHz
Efficiency – 90 dB
Nominal Impedance – Compatible with 8 ohms
Driver Complement –
One High-Gauss Neodymium High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR)
Reference Tweeter
One 6″ high-definition cast-basket mid/bass Reference Driver
Two 6-1/2″ side-mounted planar low-frequency radiators
Recommended Amplification – 20 – 250 Watt/channel

MOre about BRX Bookshelf speaker

The BRX, Aon 2 and 3 bookshelf speakers are exceptionally compact, ultra-high-performance speakers that were originally developed for use as nearfield monitors in professional mixing applications. The design goal was to produce modestly-sized shelf or stand-mountable bookshelf speakers that would achieve accurate high-definition sonic reproduction, with superb three-dimensional imaging, comparable to that achieved by GoldenEar’s award-winning Triton Towers. The BRX was specifically developed incorporating technology developed for the Triton Reference in order to achieve reference level performance. Although they don’t have quite the awe-inspiring bass of the floor-standing Tritons, great care has been taken, and extensive technology has been incorporated, to ensure that the BRX and Aons can deliver a remarkably satisfying full range listening experience without the need for a separate subwoofer.

Both the BRX and Aon models incorporate GoldenEar-designed cast-basket bass/midrange drivers with technology derived from the midrange units developed for the Tritons. The BRX driver is actually almost exactly the same as the 6″ driver used in the Triton Reference. In addition, they all use extraordinary and costly High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) high frequency radiators. And the BRX uses the same tweeter developed for the Triton Reference. Lastly, each BRX and Aon model utilizes two side-mounted planar low-frequency radiators in an inertially balanced configuration in order to properly load the bass/midrange drivers for an open, box-less midrange, while also contributing to their’ remarkably extended bass for such small enclosures.

Bookshelf Speakers- BRX (Bookshelf Reference X)
The BRX incorporates a 6” cast-basket bass/midrange driver, basically the same driver used in the Triton Reference . The tweeter is the Reference High-Gauss High-Velocity Folded Ribbon. The two drivers are perfectly blended with a unique “balanced crossover”. A pair of inertially balanced 6.5” planar infrasonic radiators are located on either side of the cabinet for tight, quick, powerful bass response. The beautifully styled cabinet is luxuriously finished in hand-rubbed piano black lacquer. The BRX delivers superior reference level performance for both two channel as well as home theater systems of the highest quality, with extraordinary three-dimensional imaging and high-resolution clarity.

“Listening to the sonic excellence of the BRX…it is hard to imagine that a bookshelf speaker can sound this good…airy and detailed, solid bass and excellent imaging.”

GoldenEar Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of a new ultra-high-performance compact bookshelf/stand-mount loudspeaker, the BRX. The goal of the BRX development project was to create a gorgeous, luxuriously finished, ultracompact loudspeaker which would incorporate the latest advanced technology developed for GoldenEar’s Triton Reference and Reference One.R,
in order to achieve truly superb sonic performance typical of larger, much more expensive units.

“I was amazed…like all GoldenEar products, they
punch way above their weight and deliver fantastic
sound with detailed and airy highs, cymbal strikes
that decayed beautifully and guitar plucks with
textural detail.”

The BRX was engineered to simply be the best sounding true bookshelf/standmount loudspeaker on the planet. It incorporates a 6″ cast-basket bass/midrange driver with a focused-field magnet
structure. The cone is formed with a proprietary curve, from a special formulation of polypropylene, which combines superior internal damping with a high speed of wave transmission through the cone (Young’s Modulus).This is basically the same driver used in the award-winning Triton Reference tower.
The tweeter is the same Reference High-Gauss High-Velocity Folded Ribbon used in both the Triton Reference and Triton One.R as well as the SPS. The two drivers are perfectly blended with a unique “balanced crossover” with a floating configuration.

that incorporates high quality film capacitors. New internal speaker wire, which has a unique twist as in the Triton Reference, is utilized. A pair of inertially balanced 6.5″ planar infrasonic radiators located on either side of the cabinet, acoustically load the active 6″ driver as well as couple the internal bass energy to the room for tight, quick, extended bass response.
The beautifully styled 12″H x 8″W x 12.25″D cabinet is luxuriously finished in hand-rubbed piano black lacquer.

“An incredible value…bass was solid and impactful…when fired up, these new speakers put out a sound that was dramatically opposite to their small size with a huge enveloping soundfield that put a big smile on my face.”

The BRX has been engineered to deliver superior reference level performance for both two channel as well as home theater systems of the highest quality, with extraordinary three-dimensional imaging and high-resolution clarity. It has been voiced to match the Reference towers, with a tremendous sense of you-are-there lifelike immediacy. Overall frequency response is 40-35 kHz, efficiency is 90 dB and recommended associated amplification is 10-250 watts/channel. Visit your nearest GoldenEar Technology dealer and experience the BRX soon. Your ears will thank you!

“The tiny GoldenEar has made a big… impressive splash. Auditioned on a wide variety of program material, the BRX displayed a clean and open top-end, an uncolored midrange with solid imaging and bass response was more than comfortably deep.”


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