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Avantgarde Acoustic XA INT


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Discover The experience of Purity and Performance.

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RETHINK - Questioning the established.
Who seriously resolves to rethink a matter, always has to start with the most difficult question of all. The question "Why?"
Why do all conventional amplifiers have to battle with cross-zero distortions? Why are there no truly satisfying solutions to fight the contaminations of the public mains system? Why does one allow, that electronic components resonate and thus distort the sound? And last but not least: Why do amplifiers all look alike? Questions which are still open and which served us as the starting point of likely one of the most ambitious and revolutionary projects in the history of amplification technologies: the XA series.

OVERCOME - Fighting the flaws.
Against all flaws. It´s not the claim which makes the XA project unique. It´s the radicalness of how we pursuit this task. It manifests itself everywhere - in the craftmanship, in the materials and in the design.

But even more so it becomes evident when you look at the groundbreaking way we overcome ubiquitous technological problems. Problems which have always been a continuous challenge in the development of amplifiers. Three of which we want to point out: first, the cross-zero distortions. Second, the contamination of the public mains system. Third, distortions caused by vibrating electronic components.

DISCOVER - The experience of Purity and Performance.
Sound needs to be experienced. But until then, the sound of the XA series can easily be anticipated. You just need to have a look at the amplifier. There is this power. Tangible in the massive materials, the heavy casting, the strong handles, the uncompromising outline. And nothing is for show. Everything has its function. No redundant controls, no gadgets, no ballast. But rather the visual conclusion of the technological clean-up.

Naturalness and strength. The XA series sounds as it looks and thus it exactly follows up on the Avantgarde Acoustic promise: Purity meets Performance.

Please contact us for information about color customization.

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Output power Class A mode 2 x 1.1 Watt (@ 16 Ohm)
Output power Class A/B mode 2 x 120 Watt (@ 4 Ohm)
Max. power consumtion 350 VA
High precision volume attenuator Custom made 3-channel conductive film potentiometer
IR remote control yes

Zero feedback yes
Primary LC filter stage yes
Secondary LC filter stage yes
Active electronic voltage regulation (secondary) yes

Asymmetrical/single ended inputs 3
Symmetrical/balanced inputs 2
Symmetrical/balanced outputs 1
Input impedance 47 kOhm
Trigger outputs (12 VDC) 2

Outer unibody aluminium chassis
with heatsinks 18.5 kg
Inner unibody aluminium core 9.8 kg
Chassis black powder coated
Upper and lower brackets
Command bar
Frontpanel black or silver anodized
black or silver anodized
black or silver anodized
black or silver anodized
wooden veener
high gloss lacquer finish

Width x Height x Depth
Weight 484.5 x 190.0 x 486.0 mm
42.5 kg


Black, Silver Anodized Aluminium


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