Aurorasound Vida


Aurorasound Vida, mer utav det goda!

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Input – MC Gain 64dB
Compatibly: High 10-100 Ohm. Low 0,6-10Ohm,
MM Gain 39dB 47k Ohm
Output – line level, Unbalanced RCA
RIAA Deviation – 10Hz – 20kHz Plus/Minus 0,25dB
THD N – 0,025% MC A-Weighted
Input Noice – -138dBV MC
Size and wight – W260mm x D250mm x H100mm. 3Kg
Power supply unit – W114mm x D200 x H 70mm. 1,4Kg
Power Supply AC 100V – 120V 50-60Hz, Max 60W

XLR Output
XLR Input
Black Cabinet

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Now for the subjective bit!

From the off, the Vida demonstrated all of the qualities I had heard at the bake off. Vivid, rich tones, beautifully reproduced, without the slightest hint of grain or etched upper frequencies, often associated with solid state phono stages.

Solid bass notes and captivating midrange shone out from a completely silent background. Vocals were a joy and acoustic music had that “right there” in the room sound. Particularly noticeable was the ability to separate individual backing singers on Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” from his iconic “Transformer” album.

The intro to The Decemberist’s “Crane Wife” delivers fast bass notes and thumping drums in the background, yet the Vida handled them all, unfazed, separating each instrument yet maintaining a lovely coherent sound that belied its solid state design. One day, I really must check that there are no valves inside, such is the richness and smooth delivery of music that the Vida provides.

Aesthetically, the Vida is typically Japanese. Clean, simple lines with an attractive wood surround. Build quality is faultless and you somehow get the impression that it is simply going to work, forever!

Price is a ridiculously low £2,700 ……… Low, £2,700? Yes, without a doubt. This is a true “high-end” phono-stage, at middle of the road pricing. I genuinely doubt there is any worthwhile competition, even at twice the price of the Vida. For my tastes at least,

So, has it removed the “never satisfied” feeling? The answer is a resounding, yes. I am completely satisfied with the Vida! So much so, I bought one!

Review by PMAC



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Low MC Impedance

With VI-6 Low MC Impedance, Without VI-6 Low MC Impedance


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