Aurorasound Vida Prima


Grymt phonosteg från Japan! “The Giant Killer…..”

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Input – RCA unbalance 1ch
Cartridge load impedance – 47kΩ/MM, MC-high, MC-low
Gain select – High/MC64dB, Low/MM40dB
Output – RCA unbalance
Output impedance – 47Ω
RIAA deviation – 20Hz -20kHz +/-0.5dB
Input Referred Noise – MC -134dBV, MM -134dBV
THD+N – MC 0.01%, MM 0.009%
Large size Mute Switch – Yes
Size – W250 x D246 xH69mm
Weight – 2.2kg



  • NF+CR type phono stage equalizer amplifier
    NF type network for high frequency compensation and CR type for low frequency compensation. NF and CR combination system bring worm and transparency sound with low noise and low distortion performance.
  • Useful MUTE switch function.
    Large size MUTE switch that is VIDA series identity is very convenient for cartridge up/down. One touch sound shut down function will be no stress for disk play.
  • Two Gain setting switch and three position load impedance switch for MC cartridge and MM cartridge.High gain for MC, low gain for MM.
    High/Low load impedance setting for many kind of MC cartridges.
    Center position 47kohm is for MM cartridge.
  • Choice high quality parts. State of arts semiconductors of Linier Technology and Texas Instruments, WIMA, Germany brand film capacitors, Japanese made precision metal film registers. All parts guarantees sound quality and performance.
  • Print circuit board is designed elaborately for good L/R separation and short cut signal path for low noise.
  • Power regulators section consists of enough current capability troidal transformer, schottky barrier diode, Fine-Met beads and audio grade capacitors. This section supply very low noise and stable power source supports framework of sound quality.
  • Solid aluminum front/rear panel and 1.2mm thickness iron chassis make robust body. Japanese hand made wooden case will make nice harmony with disk player system in your living room.



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  1. acshop

    The most affordable product from one of Japan’s renowned phono stage specialists, its quirky retro looks won’t be to every Western taste – but its musical potential will


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