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This set of amplifiers is a great partner for many types of loudspeakers, especially high-end ones, broadcasting the most authentic and refined sound!

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Single-ended SUN-833 is a 3-blocked amplifier comprising:

– 1 Driving Stage (Pre and Driving stage): This block acts as the pre stage in combination with the driving stage to drive an 833 tube:
+ 3 Input gates: 2 RCA and 1 XLR
+ Volume and input selector
+ Fully integrated remote control
– 2 Power Stages (Power stage with an 833 tube): the 833 tube drives the Single-ended Class-A circuit
+ High quality toroidal transformer
+ Carefully designed source with a choke and an oil cap
+ Filter selection switch (Yes or No)
* Highlighted features of Ampli 833 Anniversary for distinctive sound:
– 130W/ch. Capacity
– Sound reproduced by an 833 tube: powerful, pleasing, yet soft and melodic
– Details and space to master the essence of sound reproduction
– Clear and smooth mid-range sound

– Luxurious design, sustainable high quality wooden cabinet, imported CNC aluminum surfaces; the 833 tube’s protective components create a masculine look for the product and ensures safety and heat protection.

Starting from DIY (do it yourself) passion, two engineers Thi Hoang Nguyen and Van Anh Nguyen, who graduated from the Electric and Electronic Faculty of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technologies, found Thivanlabs in 2008.

Thivanlabs’s tube amplifiers are designed and made to focus on the sophistication and high fidelity of sound as well as invested on designing the appearance of products. Therefore, all of products which have been made by Thivanlabs achieve both good specifications and attractive sweet sound as well as an elegant appearance.

Up to the present time, Thivanlabs’s tube amplifiers and some loudspeakers have appeared in many regions over the country and in the world. Over 50 kinds of products have been made with high diversity from high class product line to affordable ones meeting customer’s limited budget. Our products include power amplifier, intergrated amplifier, preamplifier, headphone amplifier, phono, DAC, kit and loudspeaker etc.

Basing on a group of professional electric engineers and industrial designers trained domestically and abroad, Thivanlabs has built up a very strong team that is always ready to satisfy all of customers’ demand with criteria of doing fast, making durable, beautiful aswell as creating attractive and impressive sound.

Thivanlabs has continually improved services for customerin packaging, delivering and guaranteeing etc. Our products have got lifetime warranty and the guarantee is free in the first year of using.

We are always ready to consult the customer about technique problems, usage, combination, setup in home audio system. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get the best advisory for your system.


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