Sonab CSW

Sonab CSW


A DSP controlled, powerful 200W digital amplifier fuels the 10 inch driver with raw power.



CSW powered subwoofer

Powerful bass
A DSP controlled, powerful 200W digital amplifier fuels the 10 inch driver with raw power. This gives powerful, deep and fast bass. The System 9 CSW Flat Sub is the perfect partner for the Sustem 9 CLS wireless speakers. Just like the CLS speaker, the CSW flat sub has a built-in high quality wireless receiver. Installation is very easy: the sub joins an existing Sonab Audio network automatically. Just plug in the power and you’re done.

Easy placement
Utilitarian and functional design in a compact flat enclosure provides flexibility in placement. Hang this flat subwoofer on walls or place it on the floor, it is just as easy. A sturdy wall bracket is enclosed.

  • The CSW’s sole purpose is to deliver low bass frequencies to match the performance of the CLS speaker.
  • Only 15cm thick, the CSW descretely blends into any interior.
  • With the wallbracket it’s easy to mount CSW on walls, or hide away on location. For robust wireless connection, place CSW on the same height as CTX transmitter.
  • Experienced acoustical engineering and modern design gives premium performance.
  • All System 9 components are able to be used in a wireless, wired or mix wireless+wired setup.
  • All System 9 speakers are capable of receiving 3 different wifi channels. And each speaker can be set to 6 different volume zones.



Mer information

Vikt15 kg

Wireless features
Built-in wireless receiver
Wireless full CD audio quality
No interference or delays
RF band (WIFI): 2.4 GHz
Sample rate: 48 KHz
Dedicated proprietary network protocol
Range: 20–100 m depending on conditions
Channel sniffing and frequency hopping
3 channels with 10 ID codes on each channel
Wired option with balanced in/outputs

Type: Powered wireless subwoofer with DSP,
bass reflex cabinet. Can be used in wired set-up.
Amplifier: 200 W (digital Class D)
Woofer: 10” long throw
Frequency range: 30–100 Hz
Variable crossover frequency: 50–90 Hz
Balanced input and output for wired mode

In the box
CSW subwoofer
Wall bracket
Remote control (for wired mode)

Dimension HxWxD: 390x620x150 mm
(without wall mounting bracket)


Black, White


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