Shahinian Obelisk 2

There are many larger than life personalities in hi-fi design. In fact audio engineering seems to attract men with a vision, or heretics by any other name.

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The OBELISK is the first loudspeaker designed and produced by us in 1977. At the time, its shape and acoustical disposition were considered radical. Today it is positively conservative compared to what has come and gone. It was kind of a “first,” but its durability over the years is not due to novelty as much as its absolute performing superiority. It has been revised several times as new, exciting technology and devices appeared. Today’s OBELISK could not have been built in 1977. It is still the only genuine poly/omnidirectional loudspeaker on the market. (If you believe any planar loudspeaker is omnidirectional, just walk between a pair, and listen to the music drop.) Let’s remember that any sound in the universe has a polyradial trajectory away from its point of source; not direct, axial. Does it not seem reasonable to attempt duplicating reality? The OBELISK docs; and rather succeeds. For its size and price, its actual response is nothing short of remarkable; it performs best when out in the open, away from walls and corners. Room placement/storage is facilitated as it is fitted with four twin-wheel casters suitable for carpeted or hard floors. It recreates space . . . and possesses a sense of scale. It is still unique; it makes music!


Power handling: 200W max

Frequency Response: -3dB/28-18,000 Hz

Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms.

Sensitivity: 89 dB

Dimensions: 15” x 13” x 30”

Weight: 50 lbs.




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