Riva Audio Turbo X
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Riva Audio Turbo X

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RIVA Turbo X is a premium Bluetooth mobile speaker that delivers an unmatched personal entertainment system that perfectly compliments listeners modern lifestyle.

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The RIVA Difference! Trillium™ is ADX™’s proprietary audio technology that enlarges audio image while allowing the signal power of the audio to be reproduced without excessive compression. This means you get truly immersive sound and clear, powerful bass to fill your room.


RIVA’s multidimensional surround sound intensifies and expands the audio-visual experience of movies, video games, TV and more! Trillium™ Surround, when coupled with our Trillium™ audio technology, delivers an even wider sound field that places you in the center of your favorite multimedia adventures.


RIVA’s TURBO EQ boost mode takes sound to over 100 dB! Maximize your listening pleasure for a party, movie watching or battling the evil forces in your favorite video game.


RIVA designed Turbo’s audio utilizing components more typically found in professional audio systems to deliver epic audio quality in a mobile package.

  • 45 watts RMS of power…Highest in Class
  • Seven unique ADX™ drivers that reproduce more of the musical spectrum than any comparable product
  • Truly immersive sound with our proprietary Trillium™ technology
  • Proprietary ADX™ 3-channel amplifiers to maximize audio quality

Imagine all of the audio you can experience in 26+ hours! This powerful battery not only has a robust charge life but allows you to charge your phone, tablet or wearable devices wherever and whenever you need it.


Microphone with noise and echo cancellation processing technology improves audio quality during conference calls, delivering crystal clear voice. In addition, Turbo X’s automatic teleconferencing EQ setting maximizes the mid range to deliver the best voicing.


Utilizing the world’s best components, we have designed Turbo X for use indoors and out with weather resistance, proximity sensing power on wake, smart LED lighting indicators, and cap sense touch buttons.

* RIVA Turbo X Design is Patent Pending.


Turbo X is more than just a mobile speaker; we provide more inputs for you to enjoy more content.

  • Auxiliary 3.5 mm Input
  • USB Data Input
  • USB Charge Out
  • 19V DC Power Adapter Input

The RIVA mobile app allows you to control your Turbo X directly from your phone or tablet. All cap touch functions from the Turbo are replicated in the Ground Control app giving you… True “Ground Control.” Available for iOS or Android™.

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Riva Audio

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Speakers: Three ADX 60 mm full range proprietary drivers
Four ADX custom dual piston bass radiators
Amplifier Power: 45 Watts RMS
Remote Control App: Yes, RIVA Ground Control for iOS and Android™
Dimensions: 230mm (9.1 in) L X 89mm
(3.5 in) W X 105mm (4.1 in) H
Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
Speakerphone: Microphone with Noise & Echo Canceling Technology
Bluetooth Range: 33 FT
Audio Codecs Supported: SBC, AAC, aptX™
Surround Sound: ADX Trillium™
Proximity Sensing: Yes
Battery Playing Time: 26+ Hours at 75 dB (Playing time varies with listening levels.)


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