Meze Audio Empyrean 6.3mm OFC


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6.3 mm
4 pin mini-XLR headphone termination
3 m (9.8 ft) long
OFC 99.95% copper


It all started when Antonio was searching for a pair of headphones that he could relate to, in the same way he felt connected to his Fender Stratocaster guitar. An object to pour his passion for music in. An object full of personality and life, which also incorporates the attributes of a high-end technology.

Meze Audio was founded in 2011 in Baia Mare, Romania. We started small, acquiring knowledge by experimenting with parts already on the market, searching and researching for the right materials and engineering solutions in the quest for the perfect sound and feel.

Our breakthrough year was 2015, when, after many years of development, the 99 Classics were launched. They keep receiving awards and nominations that are beyond anyone’s expectations and are placing the 99 at the top of its category.

Today all our models, headphones and earphones, are developed in-house from the ground up, in the spirit of our original ‘no-compromise’ vision.

Obsessing with quality in sound and build, We create high-end headphones, so we obsess about sound quality.

Every aspect counts. The engineering, choice of materials, the precision of craftsmanship, the reliability are all equally important. We also make parts easily replaceable.

All of these to ensure that a feeling of trust will accompany your every interaction with a Meze.

Vivid and immersive. The sound signature is tuned for long listening sessions same as the ergonomics: clarity without harshness, freshness without fatigue.

We know a headphone is complete when it makes you forget about the outside world and takes you for a dive into the universe of your own feelings.

Development process
As long as it takes to get the right result. Our headphones undergo a meticulous development process whereby every possible aspect is refined.

We engineer with durability in mind. We create many iterations of sound tuning and frame until we reach the perfect balance; we prefer to go through as many trials as humanly possible.

We don’t push products to the market due to deadline, but only when the product is fully matured. Our priority is the design and development of a good product with great sound.

All business decisions are secondary to the quality of our products. We will never release a product because of marketing or management deadlines.

But only when the product is perfect by our standards.


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