Luna Cables Red Jumper


Luna cables erbjuder ett naturligt och öppet ljud! Handgjorda, enbart naturmaterial, topp-prestanda.


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Räkneexempel för varukorg 4 000.00 kr

89 kr per månad i 48 månader. Restvärde 400 kr. Uppläggningsavgift 450 kr.

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Luna Cable Red

Luna Rouge cables are shielded with a tinned copper braid, allowing them to be used on SUT and turntables without interference. Outer jackets are made of cotton for their excellent flexibility and supplemental resonance minimizing qualities.

The Luna Rouge cables are made with our top-of-the-line New Old Stock (NOS) tinned copper conductors and are insulated with a special dielectric of rubber, silk, and cotton. Luna Rouge speaker cables benefit from a more complex architecture, using 4 multi-strand conductors per polarity. Luna Rouge builds on the attributes of the Mauve but provides even more depth, realism and detail.

We use noble materials, like tinned copper, and natural fibres such as cotton, silk and other eco-friendly materials. This produces a more natural, accurate, and holographic sound while simultaneously keeping unwanted resonances to a minimum. We believe these sonic attributes are worth preserving, and because natural fibres are an eco-friendly choice, we help to preserve the environment, too.

Our 100% unbleached cotton canvas re-usable bags make a perfect choice for eco-conscious packaging. They are made locally, right here in Quebec, which means fossil fuels used for transportation are kept to an absolute minimum.

As we continue to grow as a company we are mindful that bigger is not better if our growth causes harm to ecological and human systems.
As we plan for the long-term success of our business, we commit to prioritizing sustainable practices in place of a ‘profit-at-all-costs’ approach.

Whether the impact is big or small, how a business operates can affect individuals and communities. We understand the importance of maintaining and improving relationships with our colleagues, customers, and the industry as a whole.

Having worked as sales representatives ourselves, we treat our dealers with fairness, respect, and appreciation; we are committed to transparency, accountability, and honesty in all our interactions with others; whenever possible, we prioritize purchasing supplies from other small local businesses. With very few exceptions, almost all of our suppliers are located in Quebec, Canada, or North America.


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