Bryston SP-3, Surround Processor


SP3 Surround Processor / Preamplifier

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7.1, 6.1 and 5.1 surround sound
Dolby True HD, Digital Plus, Digital EX, Pro Logic IIx
DTS-HD master audio, Dolby volume
Class A discrete audio circuits
4K compliant (with new HDMI board)
Separate digital and analog power supplies
Second zone output via single ended pair which allows for separate audio from another source
RS-232 serial data port for remote control via Crestron, AMX or similar control systems
Remote control included
Available with silver or black faceplate
17” or 19” faceplate available (non-rack mountable)
Rack mountable option available (3U)
Factory USB Module upgrade (information regarding upgrade process and availability)

8 – HDMI
3 – Optical
2 – AES//EBU Digital
6 – Pairs Analog Single Ended 2 – Pairs Balanced XLR
7.1 Analog Passthrough
1 – USB
7.1 Balanced
7.1 Single Ended
1 – Optical
Aux – (stereo left/right downmix or extra Sub and Center) Audio Record Outputs: – 2 stereo (RCA) pairs from any analog input
20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.25 dB THD & Noise (20Hz to 20kHz at 2V output level): Less than 0.006% in all modes; below 0.0013% in Bypass mode.
Not less than 100dB in all modes; 110dB in Analog Bypass Mode (Ref. 1V input, maximum gain, 22kHz bandwidth).
Maximum 2 Vrms in DSP modes, 4Vrms in Bypass Mode
8 Vrms (16 Vrms Balanced) in DSP Modes; 10 Vrms (20 Vrms Balanced) in Bypass Mode
110 Ohms
Crystal Semi-conductor 24-Bit Delta-Sigma
2nd Order high-pass filter, 4th Order low-pass filter; Crossover Frequencies from 40 to 200 Hz
Four-line, 23-alphanumeric characters per line, Green or Blue on Black
One 12V on/off trigger; three 12V programmable
100VAC, 115VAC, and 230VAC models
Power, master volume, source switching, mode switching, mute, and trims (in test mode)
RS-232 (bidirectional, DB9 connector) port for integration of external control systems (AMX, Crestron, and others using character-based protocols)
Mini-phone jack
Pin 1 ground, pin 2 positive, pin 3 negative
C–Series Silver or Black; 17” or 19” shelf mount Custom version 19” rackmount available
Approx. 24 lbs (11 kg) boxed – 18 lbs unboxed
(including rubber feet): Shelfmount17”or19”widefaceplate x15.5”deep x 6.25 high”


SP3 Surround Processor / Preamplifier

The Bryston SP3 is designed to be a superb surround sound processor which delivers outstanding home theatre performance by integrating the latest digital innovations with high precision, low noise, fully discrete analog audio amplifier stages. With the inclusion of HDMI inputs, this brings the SP3 to the next step in the evolution of high performance audio quality and interoperability.

Analog Inputs: 2x XLR Balanced Pairs, 4x RCA Single Ended Pairs, RCA Single Ended (7.1 Surround), 4x RCA Single Ended Pairs (Tape Loop, Digital Video Recorder)
Digital Inputs: 8x HDMI, 2x AES/EBU (XLR), 3x Optical (TOSLINK), 4x SPDIF (RCA), USB 2.0
Analog Outputs: XLR Balanced (7.1 Surround), RCA Single Ended (7.1 Surround, Zone 2), ¼” Headphone Jack
Digital Outputs: 2x HDMI, Optical (TOSLINK)
Control Inputs: RS-232 (DB9), Ethernet (RJ-45), AUX IR

Our goal

With the Bryston SP-3, we have sought to design an uncluttered, easy-to-use processor/preamplifier, incorporating both stereo and a full range of surround sound capability, which delivers state-of-the-art performance in both analog and digital formats. The SP-3 will provide 2-channel stereo output as well as 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 surround output modes.

Performance Without Compromise

With the increased clarity and dynamic range of recordings and uncompressed movie soundtracks in the modern era, playback equipment must surpasses the parameters of even the most demanding high resolution software available.

The SP-3 preamplifier/processor is without peer in meeting this performance challenge.

Unique Approach

The SP-3 is first and foremost an AUDIO product. Unlike most processors that have been designed to emphasize features over sonic performance, Bryston employs Class A discrete analog circuitry throughout rather than cost- saving Integrated Circuits (IC’s).

And like other Bryston components, the SP-3 utilizes separate power supplies for the analog and digital circuit paths (achieves a lower noise floor) plus modular construction for easy changes or modifications going forward. And considering the unpredictable world of ever changing HDMI protocol, the SP-3 simply strips away the audio portion of the signal from the HDMI inputs and passes the video untouched to the display.

This helps future- proof the SP-3 while emphasizing Bryston’s expertise in delivering the finest audio performance possible.

Analog Pass-Through

Most theater processors provide an analog pass-through option that moves the audio signal through undesirable digital circuitry before it exits the device.

The Bryston SP-3 provides true analog pass-through for 2-channel as well as 5.1 and 7.1 surround formats that eliminates all digital circuits from the signal path.

Easy To Use

The Bryston SP-3 is the first high performance processor designed to make home theater easy for the non-technical user. For example, most functions are automatic, controls are well labeled, and there are clear unambiguous display windows.

Step-by-step set-up menus are provided and a user-friendly yet comprehensive owner’s manual make initial set-up simple and straightforward. Bryston also supplies each SP-3 with factory settings that include the most common configurations dialed in and ready for playback.

Home Theatre Processing

In the digital mode (HDMI, COAX, Optical), the SP-3 automatically detects the digital input signal, routes the signal through the DSP module, and adjusts to the appropriate mode.

The digital circuit provides decoding for Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio as well as the more standard Dolby Digital and DTS formats, in 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channels. There is also stereo down-mixing for all modes and independent Bass Management modes for all speaker setups.

Each source can be set up with a different set of parameters if you want specific configurations for each one, such as your DVD player, cable box etc.

Analog And Digital Control

The SP-3 puts you in control numerous analog and digital input/output options:
• 8- HDMI inputs
• 2-HDMI outputs

• 4-digital inputs (coaxial)
• 3-digital inputs (TOSLINK)
• 2-channel analog (bypass) inputs
• 8 inputs for a 7.1 analog pass-through

A toggle button lets you switch easily between digital and analog inputs, and there is a built-in state of the art 24/192 Digital to Analog processor. The SP-3 provides both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) 7.1 outputs each with its own discrete class A low level output amplifier.

The two sets of 7.1 outputs can also be used in parallel if more channels are required. Balanced signal transmission uses fully discrete common-mode rejection to prevent induced hum and interference even with long cable runs.

Stereo And Surround Bypass

While the SP-3 is a great multi-channel digital controller, users will also be able to take full advantage of stereo or surround sound in the analog realm; so, at the touch of a button, the digital circuitry can be bypassed and the SP-3 becomes an audiophile analog preamplifier—a product category for which Bryston has become renowned.

The bypass mode provides a totally discrete analog signal path — including a digitally operated analog volume control.The signal does not go through any IC’s or digital circuitry from input to output.There is analog bypass available for both stereo and 7.1 modes.

Processing For Music

With 2-channel sources, the SP-3’s DSP music modes allow users a range of options to enhance the acoustic ambience of your listening room: Pro Logic II Music, Pro Logic II Movie, Pro Logic II Natural, Neo6, Club, etc. turning 2-channel stereo content into high quality synthesized 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

Sonic Superiority By Design

The Bryston Design philosophy ensures sonic superiority. All analog signal circuitry is fully discrete to avoid the phase shift and nonlinearity inherent in ICs.

We exclusively use only the finest components, such as 1% metal-film resistors, polystyrene capacitors, hand-matched transistors, and gold-plated RCA and XLR connectors to reduce noise and distortion to the absolute minimum.

In addition, two completely separate and independent power supplies are employed to prevent any possibility of digital to analog crosstalk or interference.

There is no internal video switching therefore eliminating interaction between video and audio circuits.

Of course, the ultimate goal of the Bryston SP-3 is to place you within the scene of a movie or to transport you to the front row of an exciting musical event. This is the one and only meaningful measure of any audio/video playback system.

Take the time to visit your Bryston dealer and audition the Bryston SP-3 preamplifier/processor. We think that you’ll completely rediscover how wonderfully exciting music and movies really can be.

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